Restoring Pages For The Electric Football Wishbook

In creating our Electric Football Wishbook we did a lot more than just gather up a bunch of Christmas catalog pages. A lot of effort went into restoring these pages to make them look as good as possible. Those catalogs, … Continue reading

Electric Football Wishbook Is Available Now!

 We are proud and pleased to announce that our Electric Football Wishbook is for sale on Amazon! The book is the first-ever compilation of Electric Football and sports game Christmas catalog pages. Packed with more than 70 full page and full … Continue reading

Jets vs Browns in The Electric Football Wishbook

1970 is one of the all-time great years for Electric Football. And our Electric Football Wishbook shows that off with four different 1970 Christmas catalog pages, including this one from Alden, which features the New York Jets and Cleveland Browns … Continue reading

It’s Always Christmas Morning In The Electric Football Wishbook!

We’re excited to announce that our Electric Football Wishbook  is scheduled for publication on Tuesday, October 17! Here are five more fun facts to know about the first-ever compilation of Electric Football Christmas catalog pages! Five Wishbook Facts 1) The … Continue reading

Rams vs 49ers in The Electric Football Wishbook

The Rams vs 49ers is one of the oldest rivalries in the NFL. And thanks to the Rams move last season back to Los Angeles, the rivalry feels “right” again. Even if the two teams are struggling to find the … Continue reading

Electric Football As A Christmas Catalog “Featured Toy”

There are so many points in Electric Football history where a change occurred and the path of the game was forever altered. One of the truly momentous changes happened when Electric Football began appearing the in the Christmas catalogs of … Continue reading

Cover of The 2017 Electric Football Wishbook

We’re proud to unveil the cover of our all new and upcoming Electric Football Wishbook! What a labor of love it was to put this book together. And we’re so excited by how it all turned out. The chance to … Continue reading

Pressman Vibro-Power Football – A Rarity From 1963

The Find – Pressman Vibro-Power Electric Football Pressman Vibro-Power Football is a true find. Even after decades of collecting Electric Football, it’s a piece that excites us. That’s because we know how rare and special the game is. It was … Continue reading

Our New Electric Football Wishbook!!

We’re excited to tell you about our latest project — the Electric Football Wishbook!! So..What Is The Electric Football Wishbook? — It’s the first-ever book of Electric Football and sports game Christmas Catalog pages — Featuring over 70 full page and full … Continue reading

The Unforgettable Buzz Book – Four Years And Counting

Four Years And Counting For The Unforgettable Buzz It’s stunning that four years have gone by since The Unforgettable Buzz was published. Not that it seems like yesterday, it’s just that many of the events surrounding the book’s release are … Continue reading

Electric Football Game Top 20 Countdown – No. 15

At No. 15 on the Electric Football Game Top 20 Countdown is the 1970 Montgomery Ward No. 627 model.  After watching with envy as the the 1969 Sears Super Bowl game became one of the most popular items in Electric … Continue reading

Electric Football Game Top 20 Countdown – No. 17

At No. 17 in The Unforgettable Buzz Electric Football Game Top 20 Countdown is the 1977 J.C. Penney No. 660 Super Bowl game. This game is significant because it’s the last Tudor Super Bowl game made in the traditional Tudor … Continue reading