Full Color Electric Football

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Full Color Electric Football™ is the second book from the writing/design team of Earl Shores, Roddy Garcia, and Michael Kronenberg. It’s the follow up to their groundbreaking The Unforgettable Buzz, which in 2013 became the first book ever published about Electric Football.

This time Shores, Garcia, and Kronenberg tell the story of Electric Football in full color, using over 250 images to create a collage of NFL and football dreams in miniature. The result is an unforgettable 124-page full color tour through the history of America’s most iconic sports toy.

Games and teams leap from each page, as never before have a toy and the NFL been combined in such an artistic manner. All the striking features that shape our recollections — the green of fields, the white of the lines, the multiple hues of Tudor’s miniature NFL — are given “masterpiece” treatment by Michael Kronenberg’s gorgeous design work.

Full Color Electric Football combines toys, football, NFL history, and American culture into a seamless visual display that transcends these individual parts. Not only does Electric Football become the stuff of our dreams, the game becomes art.


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