Electric Football Wishbook Is Available Now!

<img alt="Electric Football Wishbook On Sale Now at Amazon"> We are proud and pleased to announce that our Electric Football Wishbook is for sale on Amazon!

The book is the first-ever compilation of Electric Football and sports game Christmas catalog pages. Packed with more than 70 full page and full color catalog images from the years 1955 to 1988, it’s a captivating chronicle of the toy industry’s “Golden Age.”

We’ve included all of the major retailers — Sears, Montgomery Ward, J.C. Penney, Alden’s, and more. That means it’s Christmas morning over, and over, and over.

More than 140 Electric Football games are in the Wishbook. In addition, there are dozens of hockey, baseball, and basketball games. So you’ll never tire of turning its pages because there’s always something new to discover.

So do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of the only book where it’s ALWAYS Christmas morning!  Or be sure and tell Santa to that you want The Electric Football Wishbook under the tree this Christmas!

Order Your Copy of The Electric Football Wishbook Today!

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Toy Fair 2018 – Tudor Games NFL Electric Football

<alt img="Tudor Games 2018 Toy Fair Booth NFL Electric Football">

The fantastic looking Tudor Games 2018 Toy Fair booth!

Toy Fair 2018

Toy Fair is an amazing experience. Always overwhelming in its size, and in the number of people attending the event. How can there be so many toys? How can there be so many toy buyers? 

And a thought that does cross my mind while walking the Toy Fair aisles…does the world really need this many toys?

Maybe, maybe not.

But one of the “success stories” at Toy Fair over the last seven years is Tudor Games. To look at the photos from 2013, when Doug Strohm had a tiny booth stuffed in the claustrophobic back corridors of the Javitz Center with no NFL…to 2018, with a spacious booth (at least quadruple in size), that was located on a heavily-traveled main midway just steps from a main entrance, with great looking NFL games, a seven-foot tall rack of beautiful and beautifully packaged NFL teams, and some great looking new items (which I’m not allowed to talk about yet!)…it’s totally, totally amazing. 

<alt img="Tall rack of Tudor Games NFL Electric Football teams at 2018 Toy Fair">

A rack of “fantasy” teams for sure!

Not only that, it’s a fantastic development. For any and all fans of Electric Football 

This year’s booth was a testament to Doug Strohm’s tireless work since taking over Tudor Games. It’s a simple fact that no one has done more to keep Electric Football alive over the last six years than Doug has.

That’s why it was pleasure to be a guest in the Tudor Games Toy Fair booth this past weekend. This included, for the first time ever, being there on Friday for set-up day. I was happy to lend an extra set of hands when needed. I was also happy to stay out of the way when that was needed. 

<alt img="Toy Fair Badge 2018">

New York City Magic

But there was an epiphany as the sky drew dark outside the Javitz Center on Friday evening , a realization that I’ll never ever forget. Here I was in the Tudor Games booth – the ancestral home of Electric Football – setting up NFL Electric Football games for Toy Fair. Just like the toy legends we wrote about in The Unforgettable BuzzNorman Sas, Joe Tonole, Eddie Gluck, Lee Payne, Don Munro Jr, and Brian Clarke – had done decades earlier.

<img alt="1950 Toy Fair Tudor Showroom Joe Tonole Electric Football">

Tudor V.P. Joe Tonole in the 1950 Toy Fair Showroom at 200 Fifth Avenue. From the Toy Fair chapter of The Unforgettable Buzz.

It was a mind blowing “how did I get here” moment. 

From being a young boy with not just Tudor NFL Electric Football under my bed, but also through the years, Tudor basketball, baseball, bowling, track & field, hockey, and even Tudor Golf…from treasuring the colorful Tudor NFL teams in the rule book, to knowing the 176 Johnson Street address by heart, to experiencing the thrill of opening a plain brown box from Brooklyn with a Tudor Metal Products return address on it…I would have never dared to dream that I’d be doing what I was doing last Friday evening. 


Never in a million years.

So I’d like offer a heartfelt “Thank You!” to everyone who’s supported our work and our books. Friday would have never happened without you. And an immense thank you to Doug Strohm for inviting me to be part of the Tudor Games family each year at Toy Fair. It’s such a pleasure to hang out with Denise and Bill, and what a thrill this year to meet Wyatt.

Stay tuned for more Toy Fair and Electric Football news in our next post!






Buzz Authors Face Off In The 2018 NFC Championship

<img alt="The Unforgettable Buzz Book 2018 NFC Championship Eagles Vikings Tudor">

The Philadelphia Inquirer’s  preview of the upcoming Eagles-Vikings NFC Championship game would seem to have every angle totally covered. But actually it did miss one thing…

For Roddy and I, it’s the first time “our” teams have met for the NFC Championship. Roddy is the lifelong Vikings fan. I’m the lifelong Eagles fan, having grown up not far from Franklin Field. Adding to the drama is my adoption of the Bud Grant-era Vikings as a surrogate team in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s.

(A young boy had to do something to keep his sporting sanity while suffering with those wretched 1960’s Iggles. Yes, I was there for the 1968 Eagles-Vikings game when snowballs where thrown at Santa Claus. It wasn’t as evil as its been made out to be…fans were totally frustrated. They’d been yelling “Joe must go” — that is coach Joe Kuharich — for the entire first half, and during the previous games.)

Ghost of Hank Stram

<alt img="1970 Sears Tudor Super Bowl Electric Football game Vikings Chiefs">

The Vikings SB loss to the Chiefs is also immortalized in Electric Football history.

So after almost a quarter century of friendship, we understand each others frustration and fears. We also understand well the frustration and fears of each set of fans. The Vikings playoff history is like some type of tragic Norse Epic Poem. An 0-4 Super Bowl record (and not just losing, but getting demolished in the process), the Drew Pearson push-off (a Divisional game), the Gary Andersen miss, and the Brett Farve interception. It IS a painful list. Have to say that last Sunday’s Minneapolis Miracle was long overdue. And as an Eagles’ fan, I’m a bit worried that Karma has decided 2018 is pay back year for the Vikings.

Sorry Kansas City, “Big Red” Still Can’t Win The Big One

Of course, the Eagles are no slouches in inflicting pain on their fanbase. The last NFL Championship happened in 1960. Before a Vikings team even existed! Add in an 0-2 Super Bowl record, then stir in FIVE Andy Reid era NFC Championship Games appearances with only ONE win. Two of those losses came to teams that had Jake Delahome and Brad Johnson at quarterback. SI even ranked the 2003 Championship loss to the Bucs as the worst in Philadelphia sports history. (At least dating back to the 1983 Sixers NBA title). Oh yeah, let’s not forget a nauseated and vomiting Donovan McNabb under center in the 2005 Super Bowl.

What we understand is that this convergence of teams is unlikely to happen again in our lifetimes. And we’ll enjoy it and appreciate it whatever the outcome. All the while hoping that each other’s team can persevere for a franchise first Super Bowl victory.



54 Years And Counting For Electric Football’s “Fab Five”

Lee Payne’s 1964 Electric Football “Fab Five”

Electric Football history was changed 54 years this fall when Tudor unveiled their redesigned 3-D players in 1964. Tudor Director of Product Development Lee Payne created a new set players to replace Tudor’s two-year-old “Gorilla” 3-D players. The Gorilla players, which were groundbreaking in their own right, needed to be assembled and were prone to breakage, with the breakage often taking place while the players were being assembled.

1964 Tudor Rule Book

Payne’s new 1964 players became known as Tudor’s “Standard” players They were larger than the Gorilla players, more detailed, and were molded from a single piece of flexible polyethylene plastic. This unique design — player and base molded as one — made them virtually unbreakable. It was a trait that Tudor was eager to have after two years of disappointing performance from the Gorilla players.

Electric Football Book the unforgettable buzz

1964 Tudor No. 500 with Payne’s new players.

The single-piece molding, however, is not the reason that these players changed Electric Football history. It’s the poses that Payne came up with for the players. There were five (up one from the Gorilla versions), and they were named tackle, guard, end, offensive back, and defensive back.

The “Fab Five” of Electric Football were born. And what’s amazing is that 54 years later the Fab Five are still going strong with Tudor Games’ brand new NFL.

To learn more about Lee Payne’s influence on Electric Football check out our Full Color Electric Football book and The Unforgettable Buzz: The History of Electric Football and Tudor Games.


Earl & Roddy

<img alt="Tudor Electric Football 1967 NFL Fab Five figures designed by Lee Payne">

Electric Football Game Top 20 Countdown — No. 3

<img alt="1970 Sears-exclusive Tudor Super Bowl Electric Football game Vikings vs. Chiefs">

Game No. 3 on the Countdown: the 1970 Sears No. 633 Super Bowl IV with the Chiefs and Vikings.

The Electric Football Game Countdown moves down to game No. 3 – the 1970 Tudor No. 633 Super Bowl.

This game is a landmark in both toy and Electric Football history. In terms of visibility and economics, it may have been the highest heights ever reached by Electric Football. It’s also a game we devote an entire page to in our 2015 Full Color Electric Football book.

The No. 633 with the Vikings and Chiefs was sold only at Sears, who at the time, was the largest toy retailer in the world. Sears gave their exclusive Super Bowl an eye-catching full-color layout on page 488 of the Christmas Wish Book. They also gave the game a “Sears Best” designation, which served as an endorsement for hesitant parents. It was Sears saying that the game was worth its hefty $15.99 price tag. The Sears Best label also designated the Super Bowl as one of the “featured toys” in all of the 1970 Wish Book. Sears had clearly designed page 488 to make boys stop, gawk, and scribble down “Sears Super Bowl Electric Football game” on their list for Santa.

This was Tudor’s second Super Bowl, and Lee Payne went all out in designing the field, which is still one of the most colorful ever created. The Vikings’ end zone was purple with yellow lettering, and included a circular Vikings logo. The Chiefs end zone was bright yellow with red letters, and included a matching circular Chiefs logo. Framed in a light blue square at midfield was the Lombardi Trophy, with the square itself having a Vikings helmet and a Chiefs helmet serving as bookends.

electric football super bowl IV Tudor NFL AFL Vikings Chiefs

Page 488 of the 1970 Sears Christmas Wish Book.

All of these markings — including the odd yard lines being outlined in red, the even numbers outlined in blue, and the “50’” outlined in yellow — were like the real Super Bowl field in New Orleans. Only three things were different: the actual Vikings logo was shaped like a shield; there was no NFL logo in the Vikings end zone or, AFL logo in the Chiefs end zone.

But this took nothing away from overall “awe” the game inspired. Tudor’s field actually looked better than the real Super Bowl field, which the late NFL Films’ legend Steve Sabol described as “mud with green paint.”

Besides getting all the actual details right — the field, the teams, the goal posts, etc. — the frame design was perfect. Large white capital letters said it all: SUPER BOWL. That’s all that needed to be said.

Electric football Tudor Super Bowl Chiefs Vikings 1970

The Chiefs “huddle” up during Super Bowl IV.

Sears had no problem selling every single Super Bowl that came off the production line in Brooklyn. Only a Vikings’ fans could find anything negative about it…but even Vikings’ fans wanted to have the game. It was that beautiful — and it gave you a chance to replay the Super Bowl with a different outcome.

And then there’s the history that the game taps into. It recreated Super Bowl IV, a 23-7 Chiefs’ win that marked the last game ever played by an AFL team. This was the second straight victory for the AFL, giving “the other league” unquestioned parity with the NFL, as both leagues would take a 2-2 Super Bowl record into their long-planned 1970 merger.

<img alt="Super Bowl IV page from the book Full Color Electric Football">

The Super Bowl IV page in our 2015 Full Color Electric Football book.

Another piece of Super Bowl IV served to illustrate Electric Football’s status in American culture. Sitting in the stands watching the Vikings and the Chiefs that day was Tudor President Norman Sas. He was a guest of NFL Properties, his reward for having the top-earning item — Electric Football! — in the entire NFL Properties’ line.

Tudor’s 1970 Super Bowl was, and still is, a stunning game. A true work of art. Even the box, with Lee Payne’s silhouette motif, is a work of art. So it’s deservedly one of priciest games in Electric Football collecting.

Yet we still view the game as a bargain. That’s because nobody will ever make anything like it again. It’s just too expensive. If a game were made to same the design specs in 2015, it would cost well over $200…and might even cost what the current eBay price is for a 1970 Tudor Super Bowl. And really, how many other toys are still playable 45 years later? We’re very, very lucky that Tudor made their games to last.

At No. 3, one of the greatest Electric Football games EVER made — the Sears-exclusive 1970 Tudor No. 633 Super Bowl! We even put on the cover of our Electric Football Wishbook!




Earl, Roddy, & MK

P.S. Final fact…this is the only Tudor model with team names lithographed in the end zones.

1971 Munro Vibra-Action Electric Football Game – Canadian Version

Electric football Munro 1971 Canadian CFL Vibra Action

Munro’s 1971 Vibra-Action Electric Football Game

Electric football…in continuing with our Canadian theme of earlier this week, here is a 1971 Munro Vibra-Action Football Game. It has a metal field, and the Canadian configuration with dual 50-yard lines. This game was “store stock” – that is it had never been opened. The box was still sealed, all the accessories were sealed in their bags.

Munro Electric Football 1971 Canadian CFL Vibra Action Tudor

Munro’s Canadian accessories from 1971

The teams and accessories are still sealed in their bags. Munro did not have the CFL license, so the scoreboard nameplates featured city names, not team names.




Restoring Pages For The Electric Football Wishbook

<img alt="Electric Football Wishbook before and after page restoring comparison">

In creating our Electric Football Wishbook we did a lot more than just gather up a bunch of Christmas catalog pages. A lot of effort went into restoring these pages to make them look as good as possible.

Those catalogs, which we cherish as genuine historical documents, were not printed on the best quality of paper. In fact, they were printed on lightweight and low quality paper stock. The main reason Sears and Ward did this was so that they didn’t end up with a Christmas catalog the size of a Webster’s Dictionary.

Another reason was cost. Thin paper was cheap, and the companies viewed these catalogs as throwaway items. There was no point in investing a lot of money into something that would end up in the trash by Valentine’s Day.

So any Christmas catalog that survives into the 21st Century is guaranteed to have “issues.” The most obvious being seriously yellowing and discolored pages.

Restoring And Doing The Wishbook “Right” 

Once we got underway designing the Wishbook, one thing became obvious. To do the concept “right,” we needed to take the time and restore each individual page. Our goal was to make each page look like it did when it was first published. We didn’t always meet this goal. But the pages are much improved over what they look in their current natural states.

<img alt="Restoring of the 1968 Sears Electric Football page in the Wishbook">

In addition to this extensive restoration process, we went back into our catalog collections and re-scanned the pages. In doing this we strived to get to get the most complete scan we could . A time consuming and tricky feat to accomplish without damaging the spines of our catalogs. (Please be reassured that no catalogs were harmed in the making of our book!)

At the end of the day, we’re totally proud of the Electric Football Wishbook. Technology is amazing. It allowed us to do justice to the incredible Electric Football legacy that these catalog pages provide. We hope you enjoy looking at all the beautiful and amazing games that make up the colorful history of Electric Football. It’s a great way to celebrate 50 years of Tudor Games NFL games and teams.

There are Christmas Dreams on every page!


Earl, Roddy, & MK

Jets vs Browns in The Electric Football Wishbook

<img alt="Electric Football Wishbook Jets Browns NFL 1970 610 Electric Football Game">1970 is one of the all-time great years for Electric Football. And our Electric Football Wishbook shows that off with four different 1970 Christmas catalog pages, including this one from Alden, which features the New York Jets and Cleveland Browns on Tudor’s brand new AFC No. 610 model.

Tudor Weaves the Jets and Browns Into NFL and Electric Football History

The AFC No. 610 is a beautiful game that was released at a very important time in NFL history. But the event that etched this game into Electric Football lore took place on Monday, September 21, 1970.

On that night the Cleveland Browns hosted the New York Jets in Cleveland’s Municipal Stadium. Besides the 85,000 fans in attendance, there were ABC cameras, and an announcing crew of Keith Jackson, Don Meredith, and Howard Cosell. This trio would introduce Prime Time football to millions of television viewers around the country.

<img alt="ABC Monday Night Football Announcers Howard Cosell, Keith Jackson, and Don Meredith in 1970">

ABC Monday Night Football announcers Howard Cosell, Keith Jackson, and Don Meredith.

In coming up with teams for No. 610 — the Browns in white and the Jets in green — Tudor was simply lucky. The team pairing was decided in late 1969, and unveiled for toy buyers at Toy Fair in February of 1970. Retailers were already ordering No. 610’s with Browns and Jets long before the NFL schedule was announced in May of 1970.

But it’s the kind of luck that seemed to always be on Tudor’s side. Whether it was landing the NFL license on the cusp of the NFL-AFL merger, having the first Tudor Super Bowl model be the Jets historic victory in SB III, or creating the first Monday Night Football game, Tudor ended up being in the right place at the right time.

The 1970 American Conference No. 610 is one of the true treasures of Electric Football. And we’re proud to have the game on display in full color in The Electric Football Wishbook.


Earl, Roddy, & Michael

It’s Always Christmas Morning In The Electric Football Wishbook!

<img alt="Electric Football Wishbook cover and sample pages">We’re excited to announce that our Electric Football Wishbook  is scheduled for publication on Tuesday, October 17!

Here are five more fun facts to know about the first-ever compilation of Electric Football Christmas catalog pages!

Five Wishbook Facts

1) The Wishbook includes pages from all the major retailers who sold games during Electric Football’s “Golden Age.”

2) That means it’s packed with colorful Christmas images from Sears, Montgomery Ward, J.C. Penney, Alden’s, and more.

3) And all these different retailer images create a concise evolution of the game’s history.

4) Clearly showing the game’s rise to “Featured Toy”status.

5) As a result, the Wishbook lets you experience those long cherished Christmas morning memories with every turn of the page.

We think the Wishbook is the Ultimate Electric Football “Dream Catcher.” That’s because the variety of games and images captured on its pages surpass anything we’ve done before.

Even though none of these pages are new, the Wishbook offers a new and exciting way to “see” them. It’s like a brand new Electric Football History playbook!

We promise to keep you updated as out the publication date gets closer!


Earl, Roddy, & MK


Continue reading

Rams vs 49ers in The Electric Football Wishbook

<img alt="Electric Football Wishbook 1968 Ward page with Rams vs 49ers">

The Rams vs 49ers is one of the oldest rivalries in the NFL. And thanks to the Rams move last season back to Los Angeles, the rivalry feels “right” again. Even if the two teams are struggling to find the winning formula that made this rivalry one of the most intense in the NFL.

1968 Wards-Exclusive Rams vs 49ers

The Rams vs 49ers was of one Tudor’s earliest team pairings, being featured on the Montgomery Ward-exclusive NFL Electric Football No. 619 model in the 1968. Ward sold this matchup again in 1969, although some No. 619 models appeared under Christmas trees with the Bears and 49ers on the field that year. A decent pairing for sure, unless you lived on the West Coast.

Our upcoming Electric Football Wishbook includes both the 1968 and the 1969 Montgomery Ward Christmas Catalog pages. In their entirety, and in full color. And they appear side-by-side with their Sears Christmas Catalog counterpart. It’s a killer look to have the pages side-by-side. The result is…it’s the kind of Christmas catalogs we always wished we had!

We’ll keep you posted on the Wishbook. It won’t be long now!!

Electric Football As A Christmas Catalog “Featured Toy”

<alt img="1969 Ward Christmas Electric Football page And the Electric Football Wishbook">

There are so many points in Electric Football history where a change occurred and the path of the game was forever altered. One of the truly momentous changes happened when Electric Football began appearing the in the Christmas catalogs of major mail order retailers in the mid-1950’s.

<alt img="Electric Football in the 1955 Montgomery Ward Christmas Catalog">

Electric Football in the 1955 Montgomery Ward Christms Catalog.

It was 1955 when Electric Football showed up in the Montgomery Ward Christmas Catalog (above), the Sears Christmas Catalog, and also the Spiegel Christmas Catalog. Sears and Ward were both featuring a Gotham Electric Football game.

This happened because of the extensive connections that Gotham Vice President Eddie Gluck had in the toy world. (One of his other connections was that he happened to be a former Tudor employee.)

Spiegel had the Tudor Tru-Action No. 500 in a tiny yet full color illustration. This was the first time Electric Football appeared in color.

<alt img="Tudor No. 500 in the 1955 Spiegel Christmas Catalog>

The Tudor No. 500 in the 1955 Spiegel Christmas Catalog

Looking at the Ward page from 1955, it really is hard on the eye. The Gotham G-880 game in the top right corner seems to blend right into the page. But it wouldn’t be long before Electric Football was promoted to “Featured Toy” status. By the early 1960’s major mail-order retailers like Sears, Ward, and JC Penney were all displaying Electric Football prominently on full-color pages (see main image).

Featured In Sears, Ward, Penney and More

Electric Football would remain a Featured Toy in Christmas catalogs for most of the next two decades. By that time, of course, the onslaught of electronic games relegated it — and most all other toys — to the category of “ordinary.”

Thankfully in 2017 we still have Electric Football, and it’s even still appearing in Christmas catalogs! For those of us who know it best, it has never ceased to be a Featured Toy. And it’s something you’re going to see throughout our Electric Football Wishbook.

Earl, Roddy, & MK


2017 NFL Season – 50 Years Of Tudor’s Electric Football NFL

<img alt="1967 NFL Electric Football Chiefs and Patriots">

2017 NFL Season opens with 1967 AFL Chiefs and Patriots.

The opening of a new NFL Season is always exciting. Nobody is really sure how things will play out over the next four months. What teams will surprise and what teams will disappoint? What new stars will be born and what players will begin to fade? Just who will survive to be the last team standing in Minneapolis in February? Whose best laid season plans will be in ashes come January?

Launching A Miniature NFL

Like new coaches with an expansion team, Norman Sas and Lee Payne launched Tudor’s miniature NFL (and AFL) 50 years ago this month. They thought they had a good product, and like good coaches, they had spent a lot of late nights at the drawing board.

As we’ve explained in The Unforgettable Buzz, there were many details to work out in getting the Tudor NFL line into production and ready for toy store shelves. There was the making of the games and the details of the fields and the grandstands, all of which took place in Brooklyn. But the most important part of the line, the player painting, was an endeavor that could challenge the best football coach. Yet Norman and Lee coordinated it all like the pros they were.

A Hall Of Fame Worthy Toy

The result was stunning, and we young boys knew a Hall of Fame Toy when we saw one. And 50 years later it’s why we still love looking at a Tudor No. 620, No. 510, or Sears No. 613. Or the epic color lineup of NFL and AFL teams in the Tudor Rule Book.

Not that we ever do otherwise, but we’re going to keep things old school with our 2017 weekly team matchups. It only seems fitting since this is the 50th anniversary of Tudor Games’ miniature NFL. While it’s hard to believe that 50 years have gone by, it’s truly an amazing feat that it still exist.

How many toys and games have a 50 year lifespan? And how many games are still playable 50 years on?

That the Tudor games still play and the Tudor teams are still so colorful and beautiful are a tribute to one of the greatest toy companies there ever was (and is).

We hope your team does well this season — on and off the vibrating gridiron.


Cover of The 2017 Electric Football Wishbook

<img alt="Cover of the 2017 Electric Football Wishbook

We’re proud to unveil the cover of our all new and upcoming Electric Football Wishbook!

What a labor of love it was to put this book together. And we’re so excited by how it all turned out. The chance to see the evolution of Electric Football laid out in the pages of the Wishbook…it’s stunning. A colorful feast for the eyes that evokes the best memories of your childhood.

With more than 140 Electric Football games pictured throughout its full color pages, the Wishbook is something very special. A fitting tribute to the most iconic sports game ever created.

So it won’t be long now. We promise to keep you posted on all of the details!


Earl, Roddy, & MK

50 Years Of Tudor NFL Electric Football Games And Teams

<img alt="image celebrating 50 years of Tudor NFL Electric Football">50 Years Of NFL Games And Teams

Can it really be 50 years since Tudor’s NFL games and teams first started showing up in toy stores around the country? Was 1967 really 50 years ago…has it really been that long?

The answer is a giant affirmative YES!

It was 1967 — yes, 50 years ago — when Norman Sas and Lee Payne first unloaded the NFL line onto unsuspecting young boys throughout the country. The impact was immense…that’s the reason so many of us still carry the game with us today.

<img alt="1967 Tudor NFL 620 game as seen in the Tudor Rule Book">

Can you imagine being in a toy store on the first day Tudor’s NFL No. 620 and No. 510 hit the shelves? Any boy looking at the box lids would have had a conversation with himself that went something like this.


The fall of 1967, a 10-year-old boy is looking at shiny stack of a brand new Tudor NFL No. 620 game, and slides the top box out to get a better look.


(to himself)

“That’s not what’s really inside. I mean sure, the box says ‘NFL’ on it, complete with the official NFL league logo. But come on, the Giants and Browns aren’t really in the game – are they?”

He slides the 620 box back onto the shelf and then slides out a box for a Tudor NFL No. 510 game, which sits right next to the 620 models.


(to himself)

“And look at this box — the Packers and Colts aren’t really in this game. These miniature teams don’t exist. They just don’t. But then again, the box says ‘Colts & Packers Inside’ and also ‘all 16 NFL teams available.’ Plus it says ‘2 NFL teams in official uniforms!'”

Silent for a moment, speechless really, while continuing to look hard at the box.


(to himself)

“But I know the field won’t really say NFL in the end zones. Because it’s just not possible. Nobody has ever done anything like this before.”

Continues to study the box, then looks at the end for a price tag. Slides the box back onto the shelf and begins walking up the aisle toward the front of the store.


“Mom? Mom? Can I get an advance on my allowance?”

— Fade To Black —

A Change Of Expectations

All of us had our Electric Football expectations changed the first time we saw a Tudor NFL game. It didn’t matter what model it was, as soon as we saw the “N-F-L” on the game and the NFL teams, life was different. And it was even more different once we actually got a game and set it up. And life changed again once we saw all the different teams lined up in the Rule Book.

Perhaps the coolest thing about it all, is that 50 years later Tudor Games is still in business and still selling NFL teams! It’s a remarkable run that few toys can match. And that is something to really celebrate!


Earl, Roddy, & MK


Pressman Vibro-Power Football – A Rarity From 1963

<img alt="Photo of 1963 Pressman Vibro-Power Electric Football game

The very rare and ultra cool Pressman Vibro-Power Football game from 1963.

The Find – Pressman Vibro-Power Electric Football

Pressman Vibro-Power Football is a true find. Even after decades of collecting Electric Football, it’s a piece that excites us. That’s because we know how rare and special the game is.

It was made for just a single year — 1963. The only paper record of the game comes from page 100 of the 1963 Sears Christmas Wishbook (a page that you’ll find in our upcoming Electric Football Wishbook).

<img alt="Box of the Pressman Vibro-Power Football game">

In 2012 we featured the game on the Buzz blog. Battery powered with a plastic field, it’s still one of the mosts unusual games in all of Electric Football. Not to mention that it was actually THE first Electric Football game I ever owned.

So it was was super exciting to receive an email from someone who found a Pressman Vibro-Power game during a clean out. It turns out that they are the original owners of the game, and it also turns out that the game is complete and in amazing shape. Even the battery compartment is in like new condition.

<img alt="Players of the Pressman Vibro-Power Football game">

It’s really a thrill to see the game “live” in the photos. This is by far the best Vibro-Power model we’ve ever seen. In addition, this game will be up for grabs on eBay in the not to distant future. What a great addition to someone’s collection this game will be!

Thanks Erik for sharing the game with us, and good luck with the auction!


Our New Electric Football Wishbook!!

We’re excited to tell you about our latest project — the Electric Football Wishbook!!

<img alt="1967 two page spread from the Electric Football Wishbook">

So..What Is The Electric Football Wishbook?

— It’s the first-ever book of Electric Football and sports game Christmas Catalog pages

— Featuring over 70 full page and full color Christmas catalog images from the years 1955 to 1988 

— That create a colorful and comprehensive chronicle of Electric Football’s Golden Age 

— And make the Wishbook the Ultimate Christmas Catalog “Dream Catcher”

Scheduled for publication in the early days of the 2017 NFL season

We’ll keep you posted on all the details over the coming weeks. What a great way to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Tudor Games’ NFL line of games and teams.

Click here to learn more about the Wishbook!

And stay tuned!!


Earl, Roddy, & MK


Let’s Put Electric Football In The Toy Hall of Fame!

<img alt="Image of Toy Hall Of Fame worthy Tudor Electric Football NFL 1967 game">Electric Football Deserves To Be In The Toy Hall Of Fame

We’re not sure what the true process is for the Toy Hall of Fame. But we’re convinced that it’s not based on voting alone.

We’re pretty sure there’s some behind-the-scenes toy industry jockeying for each year’s slots. And as just “regular people” filling out nomination forms…we’re on the outside of what truly needs to be done to get a toy into the Hall of Fame. It would take a lot to convince us otherwise.

But with that being said, this IS the 50th anniversary of the Tudor’s groundbreaking NFL Electric Football line of games and teams. To mark that momentous anniversary it seems like the right thing to do is make another push for the Toy Hall Of Fame in 2017.

Electric Football Was Totally Skunked In Previous Years

Because of the frustrations from being skunked in 2013, 2014, and 2015, we sat on the sidelines last year. To see the other toys that got in during that period — Rubber Duck, Bubbles, and Puppet — was…disheartening. That is the most polite way to put it.

And it was totally demoralizing to have Electric Football not even make the first cut in any of those years, which makes it very hard to take the Hall Of Fame process seriously.

But somehow in 2017 filling out a nomination form seems like the right thing to do.

The nomination process ends on July 31, so there is time. But there’s really no time like the present. Electric Football deserves to take its place among the greatest toys of All Time. We think our upcoming Electric Football Wishbook will make that case with every turn of the page. Not that our previous books The Unforgettable Buzz and Full Color Electric Football didn’t do that already.

The button below will take you to the Official Nomination Form on the Toy Hall Of Fame web site. We hope you’ll take a few minutes and let them know you feel about America’s most iconic sports toy!!

<img alt="Toy Hall of Fame nominate button">

Thanks for your time and support. Hopefully the 5th time is a charm!


Earl, Roddy, & MK


Remembering Norman Sas in 2017

<img alt="Collage of Norman Sas images">

Five Years Since The Passing Of Norman Sas

It’s hard to believe that it’s been five years since Electric Football inventor and former Tudor President Norman Sas passed away. The memory of the day is still incredibly fresh, even five years on.

This was the “before” time for us. We didn’t have a web page, or any social media presence at all. In addition, we didn’t have a book. The Unforgettable Buzz was just a “hope” for us. Something we hoped to accomplish. That we actually would get the book published in way that was accessible…it was just a dream.

But we knew that Norman believed in us, and in our vision for the project. Not only had he passed on to us a closet load of Tudor materials, he repeated his belief in our work when we finally had the opportunity to meet him in 2010 — a meeting that still seems like yesterday.

Unassuming and direct, Norman passed on some of the most amazing Electric Football and NFL stories we’d ever heard. Many were hilarious, with the knockout punchlines amplified by Norman’s wholly droll delivery. We couldn’t squeeze all of these stories into The Buzz, but we like to think that in having them passed on to us, we did squeeze them in there somewhere. Perhaps between the lines.

One thing we do know for sure — Norman’s spirit is present throughout the thousands of words that make up The Buzz. And it’s present in every one of us who love the game of Electric Football.  


Earl & Roddy 

<img alt="Electric Football Inventor Norman Sas meeting Earl Shores and Roddy Garcia in 2010'>

Earl Shores, Norman Sas, and Roddy Garcia, Florida 2010.

The Unforgettable Buzz Book – Four Years And Counting

<img alt="The Unforgettable Buzz Book 4th Anniversary">

Four Years And Counting For The Unforgettable Buzz

It’s stunning that four years have gone by since The Unforgettable Buzz was published. Not that it seems like yesterday, it’s just that many of the events surrounding the book’s release are etched deep into memories.

The excitement, of course, of finally publishing something we’d spent a large chunk of our lives working on. But there was also the stress, more stress than we ever figured  on, in the final months and weeks leading up to publication.

The design of The Unforgettable Buzz was complex with lots of images. In addition, there were lots of pages – 652 to be exact. So there were lots of places for things to be not quite right. A centimeter here, a centimeter there – it was an exacting process to finalize. And we suffered through a very brief period with a corrupted interior file.

We knew it wasn’t right, but we were told that it was “just fine.” Finally, we took it into our own hands to chance a re-upload of the interior file. That was the answer and we were on our way to places we never even dreamed of, including an NFL web site!

Announcing Our Latest Book Project!

And four years out seems like the perfect time tell you about our latest project – the Electric Football™ Wishbook. It’s the first ever compilation of Electric Football and sports game Christmas catalog pages. Our early proofs look amazing – we’ll keep you in on all the details throughout the summer. Be sure to keep an eye on our Buzz Facebook Page.

So thanks for being along for the ride over these last four years!!


Earl, Roddy, & MK


Early 1960’s Sears “Mysto” Gotham G-890 Game

<img alt="1964 Gotham NFL G-890">

1964 Sears Catalog (left) and the 1964 Gotham NFL G-890S in the flesh!

One of the things we love about Electric Football is finding new information about games from the past. A more accurate assessment would be confirmation of games from the past.

Throughout the long history of Electric Football games that weren’t necessarily “standard issue” appeared in many Christmas catalogs. And unless you got that specific game one Christmas, it was difficult to know whether the catalog games were actual Sears or Ward models…or  shall we say, just “enthusiastic” imaging from the retailer.

In other words, was it just a fancy looking prototype that didn’t actually exist?

Throughout the 1960’s Sears featured small Gotham Pressed Steel models with grandstands. This was not the way Gotham’s standard G-880 or G-890 games were outfitted in those days. If you found one on a store shelf it did not come with a grandstand.

In the Christmas catalogs of the early 1960’s small Gotham games had grandstands that were simply the end zone pieces of Gotham’s flagship NFL G-1500. But by the mid-1960’s the small games had special grandstands that were not just hand-me-downs from big brother.

<img alt= "Full Color Electric Football book page 24">

1965 Gotham NFL G-890S in Full Color Electric Football

We featured the 1965-66 Sears NFL G-890S on page 22 of our Full Color Electric Football book, which has a unique crowd scene with dials for down and yardage (notice there is no scoreboard).  But the 1964 version is pictured in the Sears Christmas Book with a grandstand we’d never ever seen…until very recently.

1964 Gotham NFL G-890 1

1964 Sears-specific Gotham NFL G-890S

<img alt = "1964 Gotham NFL g-890 box">

Game box with G-890S on the bottom corner

An inquiry came in through The Buzz web page for us to ID a game, and to our delight, it was in fact a 1964 Sears-exclusive G-890. The owner even had the box, which turned out to be the ultimate piece of ID info, as on the box. So all these years later we finally have confirmation that a mysto catalog games actually does exist. Never too old to learn!

Keep those questions coming!!