Lee Payne – Tudor and Electric Football’s “All-Pro” Designer


Lee Payne working late in Tudor’s Toy Fair Showroom.

Electric football’s evolution through the years will be chronicled thoroughly in The Unforgettable Buzz. And the person who contributed more to the game’s evolution than anybody else will feature prominently in our book. That person was Calvin “Lee” Payne.

Lee Payne wasn’t even on Tudor’s payroll when he first started working on electric football. But the gifted graphic designer would become Tudor’s first-ever Director of Product Development. The list of Lee’s contributions to electric football is long. For now we’ll keep it brief:

  •  Created Tudor’s first generation of 3-D players (and subsequent generations).
  •  Designed Tudor’s first large game and all of the company’s significant NFL games, including the Sears’ Super Bowl.
  •  Created and photographed the dream-inducing images for Tudor’s Rule Books during the 60’s and 70’s.
  •  Designed Tudor’s colorful packaging and boxes, NFL included.
  •  Responsible for the design and set up of Tudor’s New York Toy Fair showroom.

And this is just scratching the surface. We promise that The Unforgettable Buzz will get you fully acquainted with Lee’s stunning legacy. Almost every part of an electric football game has Lee’s fingerprints on it.


Earl & Roddy

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