The Authors

Earl Shores and Roddy Garcia

EARL SHORES and RODDY GARCIA have been chasing the story of electric football for almost two decades.  They have authored numerous articles about the game for publications ranging from the Beckett Football Monthly to Toy Shop, and have been interviewed by print and video media on both the national and local level.  (The Chicago Sun-Times called them the “country’s foremost collectors of electric football games.”) During Mr. Shores’ long and accomplished writing career he has covered the International Toy Fair in New York City, and written about sports and toys for Sports Illustrated, Highlights for Children, the Washington Post, the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Chicago Tribune, Toy Shop, and Sports Collector’s Digest.  He also spent time as a Contributing Writer for Eastern Surf Magazine.Mr. Garcia established himself in the late 1980’s as one of the country’s premier toy collectors through his efforts establishing GI Joe as a serious collectible.  Through his decades as a collector he has developed a Wikipedia-like knowledge of toys, comic books, and guitars.

After meeting in 1994, Shores and Garcia developed a remarkable friendship based on their love of toys, the Bud Grant-era Vikings, and the Beatles.  (Both wives claim that the pair are actually long-lost brothers.)  They have been lucky enough to share many experiences, including finally meeting the creator of electric football, Norman Sas.

Selected articles…

Articles written by the authors of “The Unforgettable Buzz”

Electric Football

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(see below for additional articles by Earl Shores on other topics)


Articles citing the authors of “The Unforgettable Buzz”

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Articles written by Earl Shores  – other topics

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