Electric Football Game Top 20 Countdown — No. 3

The Electric Football Game Countdown moves down to game No. 3 – the 1970 Tudor No. 633 Super Bowl. This game is a landmark in both toy and Electric Football history. In terms of visibility and economics, it may have … Continue reading

Chiefs and Packers Monday Night Football Photo Series

Some Electric Football team combination are just classic. We were only looking for one photo to use out of this series, but so many of them turned out so well that we couldn’t help but share them. Especially with the … Continue reading

Electric Football Top 20 Countdown — No. 8

Our Electric Football Game Top 20 Countdown moves further into the single digits with No. 8 — the 1968 Tudor AFL No. 520. The No. 520 holds the distinction of being the ONLY official AFL Electric Football game ever made. … Continue reading

Electric Football Collecting Overview — Part II

We finished our last collecting post talking about the Tudor NFL 620 model… Tudor used the 36” x 21” 620 template from 1967-1977, including on many NFL models that were numbered something other than “620.” Not all of these large … Continue reading

Tudor’s 1970 Sears Super Bowl No. 633 – A Miniature Pro Football Time Capsule

Electric football probably never produced a more realistic game than the Sears’ 1970 Super Bowl No. 633 model. The field is nearly an exact replica of the Super Bowl field that was laid out in Tulane Stadium on this date … Continue reading

Electric Football – To Simpler Times (A Sandy mandated “Halftime”)

This may be the last electric football post that goes up for a while. We’re in the Bull-eye for Hurricane Sandy, and we already live in an area that has a problem with power outages. We’re being warned of massive … Continue reading

Electric Football Vintage NFL Week 5 Preview – Giants vs. Browns; Kansas City vs. Baltimore

This week’s vintage electric football picks were easy. The Browns are visiting the Giants, and Baltimore is visiting Kansas City. It’s a pretty amazing week, at least for genuine Tudor electric football game match-ups. This will be the 50th time … Continue reading