Jets vs Browns in The Electric Football Wishbook

1970 is one of the all-time great years for Electric Football. And our Electric Football Wishbook shows that off with four different 1970 Christmas catalog pages, including this one from Alden, which features the New York Jets and Cleveland Browns … Continue reading

Hong Kong Electric Football Painters “Greatest Hits”

In last week’s post we talked about Tudor’s Electric Football painters in Hong Kong. The job they did getting all those tiny NFL teams painted and ready for Tudor was amazing. It was hard work, but they were rewarded well … Continue reading

Electric Football Game Top 20 Countdown — No. 1

Our Electric Football Top 20 Countdown concludes with Game No. 1 — the 1967 Tudor NFL No. 620 with the Browns and Giants. There are more colorful Electric Football games, there are more elaborate Electric Football games, and as we’ve seen … Continue reading

Electric Football Game Top 20 Countdown – No 12

Our Electric Football Game Top 20 Countdown continues…at No. 12 it’s the 1970 Tudor AFC No. 610.  Part of the No. 610’s appeal comes from it being the first large AFC game. But what really makes this game special is … Continue reading

The Unforgettable Buzz on Television!!

Electric Football got a great reception from John Voperian of “Beyond The Game” the other night at White Plains Community Media. I had a great time talking with John – he’s a gracious host who asked great questions. He made … Continue reading

1971 Cleveland Browns Quarterback Club Electric Football Commercial

Electric Football has another television commercial from the past to ad to its lineup. This was forwarded to us by sportswriter and fellow Electric Football aficionado Greg Eno. It’s from Gib Shanley’s Quarterback Club, which was a Cleveland Browns’ review show … Continue reading

Electric Football 1967 Large Matchup – Giants (W) vs Browns (D) & Jim Brown

Although Jim Brown retired in 1966 you could still have No. 32 carrying the the ball for your large Tudor Browns in 1967. A true classic of difficult to find large teams. A reverse lineup of the Tudor NFL No. 620 … Continue reading

Missed Electric Football Vintage NFL Week 5 Matchup: Colts vs. Packers

Many thanks to Ray Fananra for pointing out a vintage electric football matchup that we missed this week. It was also special for Ray because in 1969 he got a NFL No. 620 with the Colts-Packers, not the Browns-Giants (he … Continue reading

Electric Football Vintage NFL Week 5 Preview – Giants vs. Browns; Kansas City vs. Baltimore

This week’s vintage electric football picks were easy. The Browns are visiting the Giants, and Baltimore is visiting Kansas City. It’s a pretty amazing week, at least for genuine Tudor electric football game match-ups. This will be the 50th time … Continue reading