1971 Munro Vibra-Action Electric Football Game – Canadian Version

Electric football…in continuing with our Canadian theme of earlier this week, here is a 1971 Munro Vibra-Action Football Game. It has a metal field, and the Canadian configuration with dual 50-yard lines. This game was “store stock” – that is … Continue reading

Living Electric Football History Part II — the Coleco and Munro Sites

Electric Football history in the “here and now” was our blog topic last week, and we continue today with the Electric Football makers that were headquartered outside of New York City. And what’s unique about toy makers Coleco and Munro … Continue reading

The Unforgettable Buzz on Television!!

Electric Football got a great reception from John Voperian of “Beyond The Game” the other night at White Plains Community Media. I had a great time talking with John – he’s a gracious host who asked great questions. He made … Continue reading

The TudorCON Buzz Electric Football Display Continued

Electric Football TudorCON 14 Buzz display continued….Next up we chose to display a 1970 CFL Coleco Grey Cup game. We like this game because Coleco first entered Electric Football in 1970, and the extra twist of dual 50-yard lines, CFL … Continue reading

Coleco’s 1973 CFL Canadian Awards Electric Football Game – In honor of the 100th Grey Cup

Electric football once had a relationship with a professional football league that was not the NFL. That league still exists, and in fact, played its championship game this past Sunday night. Not only was this game the pinnacle of the … Continue reading

1961: Gotham’s G-880 Gotham Professional Electric Football – Canadian Version

Tudor and Gotham both began selling electric football games in Canada in the mid-1950’s. There was a little bit of profit to be made there, but demand for electric football in Canada wasn’t really that strong. Neither Tudor nor Gotham … Continue reading

Coleco’s Electric Football Debut – What’s Wrong With This Picture?

When Coleco jumped into electric football in 1970, it produced some very striking games. The company had done its homework well. Coleco’s games were solidly built and featured inviting graphics, on the field and off. The large 3-D grandstands were … Continue reading

Electric Football in Canada Part II – Eagle Toys 1962-63

When Canadian toy maker Munro Games stepped off the electric football field in 1961, it was Montreal-based Eagle Toys who laced up its cleats to fill the void. Munro and Eagle were fierce rivals, essentially being the Canadian version of … Continue reading

Electric Football in Canada – Munro Games 1960-61

By the mid-1950’s electric football games were showing up in Canada. Tudor’s games became “Canadian Approved” in 1955, and Tudor’s rival Gotham Pressed Steel had gotten its games into the 1956 Simpson-Sears Christmas catalog (the Canadian equivalent of the Sears … Continue reading