50 Years Of Tudor NFL Electric Football Games And Teams

50 Years Of NFL Games And Teams Can it really be 50 years since Tudor’s NFL games and teams first started showing up in toy stores around the country? Was 1967 really 50 years ago…has it really been that long? … Continue reading

Christmas Catalog Page Top 10 — No. 9

Our Electric Football Christmas Catalog Page Countdown continues! Coming in at No. 9 is page 275 of the 1967 Montgomery Ward Christmas Catalog. 1967 was Tudor’s first year with the NFL license, and this is the FIRST catalog appearance of … Continue reading

Electric Football Top 20 Recap – Games No. 5 thru No. 1

Our Electric Football Top 20 Recap reaches the Final Five games. They are all wonderful examples of Electric Football at its very best. “Must haves” for any Electric Football aficionado!! Links to each Top 20 post are located below the … Continue reading

Electric Football Game Top 20 Countdown — No. 1

Our Electric Football Top 20 Countdown concludes with Game No. 1 — the 1967 Tudor NFL No. 620 with the Browns and Giants. There are more colorful Electric Football games, there are more elaborate Electric Football games, and as we’ve seen … Continue reading

Electric Football Game Top 20 Countdown — No. 2

Coming in at No. 2 on our Electric Football Top 20 Countdown, it’s the 1969 Tudor No. 633 Jets-Colts Super Bowl. As the first Sears-exclusive Super Bowl model, this game was the unquestioned pinnacle of Electric Football in 1969. Nothing … Continue reading

Electric Football Game Top 20 Countdown — No. 5

The Electric Football Game Top 20 Countdown moves into the Top 5 today with a very special game — the 1961 Gotham Pressed Steel NFL G-1500 model. This groundbreaking game has long been one of the most under appreciated games … Continue reading

Electric Football Game Top 20 Countdown – No. 17

At No. 17 in The Unforgettable Buzz Electric Football Game Top 20 Countdown is the 1977 J.C. Penney No. 660 Super Bowl game. This game is significant because it’s the last Tudor Super Bowl game made in the traditional Tudor … Continue reading

Electric Football Game Top 20 Countdown – No. 18

The Unforgettable Buzz Electric Football Game Top 20 Countdown welcomes a newcomer to the list at No 18 — the 2014 Tudor Games NFL Pro Bowl Game. How does a brand new game make it into the Top 20? Easy … Continue reading

The Unforgettable Buzz on Television!!

Electric Football got a great reception from John Voperian of “Beyond The Game” the other night at White Plains Community Media. I had a great time talking with John – he’s a gracious host who asked great questions. He made … Continue reading

Electric Football Collecting Overview — Part II

We finished our last collecting post talking about the Tudor NFL 620 model… Tudor used the 36” x 21” 620 template from 1967-1977, including on many NFL models that were numbered something other than “620.” Not all of these large … Continue reading

The TudorCON Buzz Electric Football Display Continued

Electric Football TudorCON 14 Buzz display continued….Next up we chose to display a 1970 CFL Coleco Grey Cup game. We like this game because Coleco first entered Electric Football in 1970, and the extra twist of dual 50-yard lines, CFL … Continue reading

Electric Football TudorCON 14 – The Buzz Display

Electric Football has had so many cool and significant game through the years that it was hard to narrow down to which games we should put out for display at TudorCON 14. The 1949 Tru-Action No. 500 model was an … Continue reading

Electric Football’s Architecture Legacy

Electric football and stadium architecture are very much intertwined. So that makes it especially hard to hear about the dilapidated state of the Houston Astrodome. How does a stadium go from being the “Eighth Wonder” to a step away from … Continue reading

Electric Football Traditions — Thanksgiving Day at the “Garcia Bowl”

  Electric football was definitely “all in the family” as Roddy and his brother Roald played the “Garcia Bowl” on Thanksgiving Day. Roddy had his beloved Vikings, Roald his Giants. It was a “stock game” played on a 1969 NFL … Continue reading

Electric Football Favorite Vintage Finds – Tudor’s Press-On Number Sheets

One of my favorite things to discover in an old electric football game – besides large teams – is a sheet of Tudor’s original press-on numbers. Most prized, of course, is an unused sheet. A sheet that’s cut but still … Continue reading

Missed Electric Football Vintage NFL Week 5 Matchup: Colts vs. Packers

Many thanks to Ray Fananra for pointing out a vintage electric football matchup that we missed this week. It was also special for Ray because in 1969 he got a NFL No. 620 with the Colts-Packers, not the Browns-Giants (he … Continue reading

Electric Football Vintage NFL Week 5 Preview – Giants vs. Browns; Kansas City vs. Baltimore

This week’s vintage electric football picks were easy. The Browns are visiting the Giants, and Baltimore is visiting Kansas City. It’s a pretty amazing week, at least for genuine Tudor electric football game match-ups. This will be the 50th time … Continue reading

Electric Football NFL Week 4 Preview – Big 1967 Eagles vs. Big 1967 Giants

This was an easy pick for an electric football preview. First off, I’m an Eagles fan. And from there…this will be the 161st time these two teams have met, a rivalry that began back in 1933. Sports Illustrated has ranked … Continue reading

Electric Football NFL Preview – Baltimore Ravens vs. 1967 “BIG” Philadelphia Eagles

Some of you already know that I’m an Eagles fan. The first live NFL game I saw was the Eagles vs. the Baltimore Colts on September 24, 1967. My dad and I sat way up in the upper deck of … Continue reading

Electric Football Magic

My journey to becoming a lifelong Viking fan began when my older brother and I bought our first electric football game in 1969. It was the Tudor NFL No. 620. Was there a better electric football game to own in … Continue reading