Toy Fair 2018 – Tudor Games NFL Electric Football

Toy Fair 2018 Toy Fair is an amazing experience. Always overwhelming in its size, and in the number of people attending the event. How can there be so many toys? How can there be so many toy buyers?  And a … Continue reading

2017 Electric Football World Championships and Convention

The biggest Electric Football event of the year is the probably biggest Tudor Electric Football event ever. We’re talking about the one and only 2017 World Football Championships and Convention in Dallas, TX on July 28-30. Being held at the … Continue reading

Electric Football at Toy Fair 2017

It’s Toy Fair Time of Year Again!! It’s amazing that another New York City Toy Fair has come and gone. This mark’s the 5th year in a row that I’ve been a guest in the Tudor Games booth at the … Continue reading

Tudor Games Blog = The Unforgettable Buzz!

We are absolutely thrilled to have Tudor Games — the home of NFL Electric Football — using our The Unforgettable Buzz web page as the Tudor Games Blog page! Anytime your on the Tudor Games web page and want to … Continue reading

Toy Fair 2016 Recap

Going to Toy Fair in New York City is always exciting. As we documented in The Unforgettable Buzz, so much Electric Football history was made at Toy Fair, that anytime you can be part of the event…it’s special. And we’re … Continue reading

Tudor Moves To Brooklyn – December 1945

Electric Football groundwork was laid 70 years ago this month, when Tudor Metal Products moved from Manhattan to a brand new factory in Brooklyn. This six-story building at 176 Johnson Street would gain iconic stature in the 1960’s and 1970’s, … Continue reading

New Tudor Games Web Site

Tudor Games has just unveiled an updated web site to go along with its new sets of NFL Electric Football teams. The new layout looks fantastic and is easy to use. A lot of thought and work went into creating … Continue reading

Toy Rarity — Gotham Shipping Box

Electric Football ephemera is something we have a special passion for. We love finding old shipping boxes, or dated invoice forms with Electric Football items checked and tallied. A special thrill came this year at Toy Fair when Tudor President … Continue reading

Toy Fair 2015: Tudor Games Electric Football Recap

Toy Fair is always a unique and overwhelming experience. The 2015 event was no different, and even carried the additional factor of near zero degree temperatures on the streets of New York City. But it was business as usual inside … Continue reading

The Unforgettable Buzz Looks Back on 2014 — Part II

One of our 2014 highlight of highlights came in June, when we were asked to be on the Beyond The Game television show in White Plains, NY. Host John Voperian did an fantastic job with the interview because he had … Continue reading

The Unforgettable Buzz Looks Back on 2014 — Part I

Electric Football had quite a year in 2014. It was a good year for Tudor Games, who held TudorCON 14 in January, then got the NFL back where it belongs in time for the football season. These are two monumental … Continue reading

Electric Football Game Top 20 Countdown – No. 18

The Unforgettable Buzz Electric Football Game Top 20 Countdown welcomes a newcomer to the list at No 18 — the 2014 Tudor Games NFL Pro Bowl Game. How does a brand new game make it into the Top 20? Easy … Continue reading

2014 Season Kicks Off With Electric Football Back In The NFL!

It’s hard to believe the NFL kicks off its season tonight, as it doesn’t seem like that long ago we were at TudorCON 14 in Philadelphia. But what a momentous year 2014 has been for Electric Football! Who ever imagined … Continue reading

Two Years And Counting At The Unforgettable Buzz Web Site

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been writing about Electric Football for over two years now on The Unforgettable Buzz web page. When we started back in July 2012, if someone had told us that we’d still be at it … Continue reading


It’s official! Tudor Games has announced that it’s reclaimed the NFL license for Electric Football! Tudor Games’ President Doug Strohm broke the news on Friday, August 1, at 12:00 am EST . For the fall of 2014 there will official NFL Electric … Continue reading

Tudor Games Electric Football and Toy Fair 2014

Sometimes it’s being in the right place at the right time. I was lucky enough to spend a couple of days at Toy Fair 2014 last week, once again a guest of Tudor Games President Doug Strohm. The Unforgettable Buzz had … Continue reading

Electric Football TudorCON 14 Recap – Part III

Electric Football got off to a “super nova” start in 2014 thanks to TudorCON 14. Tudor Games President Doug Strohm officially opened the event on Friday evening, January 24, debuting the newly designed Tudor Electric Football games that would host … Continue reading

TudorCON 14 Part II – A Few Moments With Tudor’s Vice President James Baum

A red Honda pulls up in front of the Embassy Suites Philadelphia Airport hotel mid-afternoon on Friday, January 24…the whirlwind begins. Okay, we need a cart to get our stuff in, oh hey, there’s Jim Davis, and that’s Adrian Baxter, … Continue reading

TudorCON 14 Electric Football Convention Recap – Part 1

Electric Football has come a LONG way – that’s the overriding feeling as we try to gather our thoughts on the recently finished TudorCON 14 Electric Football Convention. From Chicago in 1996 to Philly in 2014 is a lot of … Continue reading

TudorCON 14 Is Here!!

It’s hard to believe that TudorCON 14 is finally here. That a convention like this would ever happen again…it didn’t seem likely a few years ago. But not only is it happening, Doug Strohm and Tudor Game are bringing new … Continue reading