Toy Fair 2016 Recap


Tudor Games Toy Fair Booth 2016

Going to Toy Fair in New York City is always exciting. As we documented in The Unforgettable Buzz, so much Electric Football history was made at Toy Fair, that anytime you can be part of the event…it’s special. And we’re happy to report that Electric Football history continues to be made at Toy Fair by Tudor Games.

For 2016 Tudor Games had it’s biggest booth and it’s most prestigious location since Doug Strohm took over the company in 2012. And it’s more than just having a “big” booth. The 2016 Tudor Games booth was not only spacious, it was polished and inviting. Just flat out impressive. It just had the “look” of a company you wanted to do business with. This was a much upgraded presentation from the cramped three tables and off-the-beaten-path location that Tudor Games occupied just three short years ago in 2013.


An honor to have both of our books on display at Toy Fair 2016.

Toy Fair is really all about “business,” and business was excellent for Tudor, with the booth being busy pretty much from opening to closing throughout the four day event. All the major retailers stopped by. Without a doubt this will be the most visible year for Electric Football in a long, long time. Having the NFL back in Electric Football makes a huge difference in how toy buyers view the game. And speaking of viewing, the new Tudor NFL teams look fantastic. Great looking pieces that will be fun to play with, and likely to stand the test of time in the decades to come.

So the future of Electric Football continues to look very bright. Doug Strohm seems determined to keep the game evolving and moving forward. It’s something that was obvious to everyone who took the time to stop by the Tudor Games Toy Fair booth in 2016.


Earl & Roddy

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