2017 Electric Football World Championships and Convention

The biggest Electric Football event of the year is the probably biggest Tudor Electric Football event ever. We’re talking about the one and only 2017 World Football Championships and Convention in Dallas, TX on July 28-30. Being held at the … Continue reading

Electric Football 20 Year Landmark — 1996 Miggle Convention

It was 20 years ago today that the first national Electric Football convention took place in Chicago. The event was hosted by Miggle Toys, who had bought the Tudor Games Electric Football line in a bankruptcy sale in late 1991. … Continue reading

Electric Football’s Biggest Weekend Ever? Richmond 2015

  The countdown is underway for the biggest Electric Football weekend of 2015. On July 31-August 2 Tudor Games and the Miniature Football Coaches Association are co-hosting the Electric Football World Championship and Convention in Richmond, Virginia. The event is being … Continue reading

Toy Hall Of Fame — The Answer is “YES!”

The Electric Football community has spoken, and the consensus is clear — yes, an effort should be made in 2015 to get Electric Football into the Toy Hall of Fame. That was the reaction to our blog post last week. … Continue reading

Toy Hall of Fame…Worth The Effort in 2015?

Electric Football, despite the concerted efforts of the entire Electric Football community over the last two years, is still not part of the Toy Hall of Fame. And where in past years we here at The Unforgettable Buzz entered the … Continue reading

Electric Football In Errol Morris/ESPN Short Film!

Electric Football will be front and center this Sunday night on ESPN at 9 pm EST. That’s when the network will air a short film on our favorite hobby as part of a 2-hour special titled It’s Not Crazy, It’s Sports. … Continue reading

Electric Football Game Top 20 Countdown — No. 1

Our Electric Football Top 20 Countdown concludes with Game No. 1 — the 1967 Tudor NFL No. 620 with the Browns and Giants. There are more colorful Electric Football games, there are more elaborate Electric Football games, and as we’ve seen … Continue reading

Electric Football Game Top 20 Countdown — No. 5

The Electric Football Game Top 20 Countdown moves into the Top 5 today with a very special game — the 1961 Gotham Pressed Steel NFL G-1500 model. This groundbreaking game has long been one of the most under appreciated games … Continue reading

The Unforgettable Buzz Looks Back on 2014 — Part I

Electric Football had quite a year in 2014. It was a good year for Tudor Games, who held TudorCON 14 in January, then got the NFL back where it belongs in time for the football season. These are two monumental … Continue reading

2014 Season Kicks Off With Electric Football Back In The NFL!

It’s hard to believe the NFL kicks off its season tonight, as it doesn’t seem like that long ago we were at TudorCON 14 in Philadelphia. But what a momentous year 2014 has been for Electric Football! Who ever imagined … Continue reading

Preview – The Electric Football Game Top 20 Countdown

A lot of great Electric Football games have been made through the years, and we’re going to honor them this fall with The Unforgettable Buzz “Top 20 Countdown.” Beginning next Friday we’re going to feature one of Electric Football’s most … Continue reading

Electric Football TudorCON 14 Flashback – Mike Landsman

One of the biggest Electric Football surprises at TudorCON 14 was the appearance of Mike Landsman. Mike was the owner Superior Toy, who purchased Tudor from Norman Sas in 1988, and also the owner of Miggle Toys, who resurrected Tudor … Continue reading

Two Years And Counting At The Unforgettable Buzz Web Site

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been writing about Electric Football for over two years now on The Unforgettable Buzz web page. When we started back in July 2012, if someone had told us that we’d still be at it … Continue reading

MFCA CON.7 This Weekend In Cleveland!

One of the biggest Electric Football events of 2014 will take place this weekend (August 1-3) in Cleveland, Ohio. That’s where the Miniature Football Coaches of America are holding their 7th annual convention and Tournament of Champions. 2013 MFCA Champion Jim “The … Continue reading

One Year Anniversary for The Unforgettable Buzz

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year since The Unforgettable Buzz was published. Our journey to complete the book became so long and protracted that we never really gave much thought to the “after” part. We were too busy worrying … Continue reading

The TudorCON Buzz Electric Football Display Continued

Electric Football TudorCON 14 Buzz display continued….Next up we chose to display a 1970 CFL Coleco Grey Cup game. We like this game because Coleco first entered Electric Football in 1970, and the extra twist of dual 50-yard lines, CFL … Continue reading

Electric Football TudorCON 14 – The Buzz Display

Electric Football has had so many cool and significant game through the years that it was hard to narrow down to which games we should put out for display at TudorCON 14. The 1949 Tru-Action No. 500 model was an … Continue reading

A Sellout at TudorCON 14 for The Unforgettable Buzz

It was an Electric Football sellout! A sincere “thank you” to everyone who came to TudorCon 14 and purchased a copy of the Designer’s Cut Edition of The Unforgettable Buzz. We sold every copy that we brought to Philadelphia, running … Continue reading

Electric Football TudorCON 14 – René Smith’s 1968 Tudor Super Bowl No. 500

It was in a conversation in the days leading up to TudorCON 14 that René Smith mentioned he had a 1968 Tudor Super Bowl game. This left us a bit puzzled, and even more so when René added that it … Continue reading

Electric Football TudorCON 14 Recap – Part IV

Electric Football was created by Tudor President Norman in 1948 and first sold by Tudor in 1949. Yet Tudor has a history that stretches back all the way to 1928, with the company making a number of toys and games … Continue reading