1971 Munro Vibra-Action Electric Football Game – Canadian Version

Electric football…in continuing with our Canadian theme of earlier this week, here is a 1971 Munro Vibra-Action Football Game. It has a metal field, and the Canadian configuration with dual 50-yard lines. This game was “store stock” – that is … Continue reading

Early 1960’s Sears “Mysto” Gotham G-890 Game

One of the things we love about Electric Football is finding new information about games from the past. A more accurate assessment would be confirmation of games from the past. Throughout the long history of Electric Football games that weren’t … Continue reading

Living Electric Football History Part II — the Coleco and Munro Sites

Electric Football history in the “here and now” was our blog topic last week, and we continue today with the Electric Football makers that were headquartered outside of New York City. And what’s unique about toy makers Coleco and Munro … Continue reading

Living Electric Football History — the Gotham Factory Sites

Electric Football history can still be found in the “here and now,” being scattered across a few anonymous sites in the U.S. and Canada. The skeletons of the game, or at least where the games were conceived and produced, are … Continue reading

1960’s Electric Football Competitor — Mag-Powr Football

Electric Football got its first “big game” in 1961 when Gotham unveiled the officially NFL-endorsed G-1500. So when Sports Illustrated ran a column in December of 1961 recommending sports games for Christmas, it was a bit of a shock that … Continue reading

Toy Rarity — Gotham Shipping Box

Electric Football ephemera is something we have a special passion for. We love finding old shipping boxes, or dated invoice forms with Electric Football items checked and tallied. A special thrill came this year at Toy Fair when Tudor President … Continue reading

Electric Football Game Top 20 Countdown – No. 4

The Electric Football Game Top 20 Countdown continues with one of the “grandest” games ever commercially produced at No. 4 — the 1972 Munro Day/Nite Electric Football game. The Day/Nite game story really begins in the 1960’s, when Tudor and … Continue reading

Electric Football Game Top 20 Countdown — No. 5

The Electric Football Game Top 20 Countdown moves into the Top 5 today with a very special game — the 1961 Gotham Pressed Steel NFL G-1500 model. This groundbreaking game has long been one of the most under appreciated games … Continue reading

Our Early Electric Football Articles — Part II

Electric Football Articles Part II: this a continuation of post we started last week. We expanded our Electric Football research in the late 1990’s, talking to key players like Norman Sas, Lee Payne, Don Munro Jr., as well as the … Continue reading

Electric Football Game Top 20 Countdown – No. 9

The Electric Football Game Top 20 Countdown moves forward with No. 9 — the 1969 Gotham Joe Namath G-812 Electric Football Game. In 1969 the New York Jets shocked the football world by defeating the heavily favored Baltimore Colts in … Continue reading

Electric Football Game Top 20 Countdown – No. 11

The ranking of this game at No. 11 caused some controversy the first time around. We agree, that this is one of coolest and best looking games that Tudor ever made. It’s at the top of any Electric Football “Must-Have” … Continue reading

Electric Football Top 20 Countdown – No. 13 Gotham NFL Big Bowl

Our Electric Football Game Top 20 Countdown continues…at No. 13 it’s the Sears-exclusive Gotham NFL Big Bowl 1503-S. The Gotham NFL Big Bowl could make our Top 20 Countdown on just a single reason — it was the game that … Continue reading

Electric Football Game Top 20 Countdown – No. 16

Our Electric Football Game Top 20 Countdown continues with the 1971 Coleco Command Control Electric Action Football 5795 at No. 16. Coleco had a strong Electric Football debut in 1970, despite having boxes with thinly disguised Tudor Electric Football players on … Continue reading

60th Anniversary of Gotham’s Entry Into Electric Football

We’ve already talked about Tudor Electric Football turning 65 this year. But that’s not the only Electric Football anniversary that falls in 2014. This fall is also the 60th anniversary of Gotham Pressed Steel’s entry into Electric Football. It was … Continue reading

Electric Football Collecting Overview — Part II

We finished our last collecting post talking about the Tudor NFL 620 model… Tudor used the 36” x 21” 620 template from 1967-1977, including on many NFL models that were numbered something other than “620.” Not all of these large … Continue reading

Electric Football Landmarks – The 1954 Toy Fair

With Toy Fair 2014 already in the rear view mirror, we found ourselves thumbing through The Unforgettable Buzz taking a look at Toy Fair’s past. One that happened 60 years ago caught our eye, because it featured the first Electric … Continue reading

Electric Football Christmas Catalog Countdown – Sears 1956

Electric Football in the 1956 Sears Christmas Catalog. The game is at the top of the page. It’s the Sears exclusive Gotham G-940 Electro-Magnetic Football Game

Strange But True Electric Football Stories – Joe Namath Update

Note: We first published this blog post in August of 2012. We had no idea at the time that it would become part of one of the coolest looking pages in The Unforgettable Buzz (it’s at the bottom of this … Continue reading

Electric Football And Munro Games

Electric football has many great stories, and one of the stories we’re most proud of in The Unforgettable Buzz is that of Canadian toy maker Munro Games. In a fortuitous turn we were able to make the acquaintance of Don … Continue reading

Electric Football 1962 — Gotham Pressed Steel Rule Book

Electric football history is usually pretty colorful. Let’s time travel back 50 years and take a peak inside a 1962 Gotham Rule Book…..