1971 Munro Vibra-Action Electric Football Game – Canadian Version

Electric football Munro 1971 Canadian CFL Vibra Action

Munro’s 1971 Vibra-Action Electric Football Game

Electric football…in continuing with our Canadian theme of earlier this week, here is a 1971 Munro Vibra-Action Football Game. It has a metal field, and the Canadian configuration with dual 50-yard lines. This game was “store stock” – that is it had never been opened. The box was still sealed, all the accessories were sealed in their bags.

Munro Electric Football 1971 Canadian CFL Vibra Action Tudor

Munro’s Canadian accessories from 1971

The teams and accessories are still sealed in their bags. Munro did not have the CFL license, so the scoreboard nameplates featured city names, not team names.





1971 Munro Vibra-Action Electric Football Game – Canadian Version — 3 Comments

  1. Earl………..Though we don’t get games under the tree anymore, this stuff is a great replacement…………in the Munro game above, the red team looks like one of the figures used in your ’94 article on electric football……..keep it coming and Merry Christmas to all EFLers !

    • Tony, again many, many thanks. You’ve got a great eye…and a good guess. Don’t know if you still have the article, but if you look closely there are differences between the two players. These are from 1971. The players in the 1994 article were from a 1972 Day/Nite game. Munro upgraded their bases for 1972. Again, thanks, and keep the comments coming!!!

  2. I do have another question, but not sure if this is the correct place for it; please advise me for future comments…….I contend that the figures pictured in the original ’67 rule booklet and the ones used by Michael for the BOOK cover are NOT the same figures as your ’67 Big Men………those pictured look more like ones from the molds of the prior all-in-one (base/player) figures……figures to compare are the spread arm, stiff arm, and tackle figures of your ’67 men and the ones pictured in the booklet……..can you shedd any light on this subject?