Buzz Authors Face Off In The 2018 NFC Championship

The Philadelphia Inquirer’s  preview of the upcoming Eagles-Vikings NFC Championship game would seem to have every angle totally covered. But actually it did miss one thing… For Roddy and I, it’s the first time “our” teams have met for the … Continue reading

Electric Football Game Top 20 Countdown — No. 1

Our Electric Football Top 20 Countdown concludes with Game No. 1 — the 1967 Tudor NFL No. 620 with the Browns and Giants. There are more colorful Electric Football games, there are more elaborate Electric Football games, and as we’ve seen … Continue reading

Hawthorne Village Wooden NFL Stadiums – Fact or Fiction?

Being an Electric Football enthusiast, the contents of the envelope caught my attention. In fact, it stopped me in my tracks. While unfolding the large full-color flier I found inside, my brain spun like a vintage hand-pull Las Vegas slot machine … Continue reading

Electric Football Convention Countdown – 2 Weeks Until TudorCON 14!

Electric Football’s countdown continues…only two weeks until TudorCON 14 in Philadelphia. Hope you’ve made your plans. If not, what are you waiting for?? Electric Football history is at hand. TudorCON 14 is not an event to be missed. Roddy and I … Continue reading

The Special TudorCON 2014 Edition of The Unforgettable Buzz

We are proud to unveil the TudorCON 14 Special Edition of The Unforgettable Buzz. Putting a book into mass production means making compromises. Those compromises are made in order to make the book easier and more affordable to produce. And … Continue reading

Monday Night Football – Eagles vs. Redskins (Kelly vs. RGIII)

It’s been quite the “electric” weekend already for the NFL. Starting Thursday night with Peyton Manning throwing a record tying 7 touchdown passes (Broncos 49 – Ravens 27), there have been upsets (Titans 16 – Steelers 9; Saints 23 – … Continue reading

Electric Football Vintage NFL Matchup Week 14 – Haiti Eagles vs. Haiti Bucs

Electric Football – In many, many ways there’s not much in this matchup. The Eagles are in a self-inflicted tailspin that seems to have no bottom, and their history with the Buccaneers covers some of the most devastating losses in … Continue reading

Electric Football Vintage Matchup Week 11 – Big Redskins vs. Big Eagles

This is a good matchup only in terms of vintage electric football teams. There is very little appealing or attractive about the real game for the casual fan. Maybe some glitter from RG3, but neither of these teams are very … Continue reading

Electric Football Vintage NFL Week 8 Preview – Falcons vs. Eagles

Perhaps the Eagles-Falcons Tudor electric football matchup seems obvious – the NFL’s only undefeated team going up against the “home” team. A true test, a hope for an upset, the Eagles turning their season around – or is that upward? … Continue reading

Electric Football Vintage NFL Week 6 Preview – Eagles vs. Lions; (Vikings vs. Redskins; Jets vs. Colts)

Back in early September I picked the Eagles and the Lions as the matchup for Week 6. This was done partially from a “home” perspective, but also because I still have my originals of these teams, even down to the … Continue reading

Electric Football NFL Week 4 Preview – Big 1967 Eagles vs. Big 1967 Giants

This was an easy pick for an electric football preview. First off, I’m an Eagles fan. And from there…this will be the 161st time these two teams have met, a rivalry that began back in 1933. Sports Illustrated has ranked … Continue reading

Electric Football NFL Preview – Baltimore Ravens vs. 1967 “BIG” Philadelphia Eagles

Some of you already know that I’m an Eagles fan. The first live NFL game I saw was the Eagles vs. the Baltimore Colts on September 24, 1967. My dad and I sat way up in the upper deck of … Continue reading