Buzz Authors Face Off In The 2018 NFC Championship

The Philadelphia Inquirer’s  preview of the upcoming Eagles-Vikings NFC Championship game would seem to have every angle totally covered. But actually it did miss one thing… For Roddy and I, it’s the first time “our” teams have met for the … Continue reading

Electric Football Collecting Overview — Part II

We finished our last collecting post talking about the Tudor NFL 620 model… Tudor used the 36” x 21” 620 template from 1967-1977, including on many NFL models that were numbered something other than “620.” Not all of these large … Continue reading

Tudor’s 1970 Sears Super Bowl No. 633 – A Miniature Pro Football Time Capsule

Electric football probably never produced a more realistic game than the Sears’ 1970 Super Bowl No. 633 model. The field is nearly an exact replica of the Super Bowl field that was laid out in Tulane Stadium on this date … Continue reading

Electric Football Traditions — Thanksgiving Day at the “Garcia Bowl”

  Electric football was definitely “all in the family” as Roddy and his brother Roald played the “Garcia Bowl” on Thanksgiving Day. Roddy had his beloved Vikings, Roald his Giants. It was a “stock game” played on a 1969 NFL … Continue reading

Electric Football Vintage NFL Week 9 Preview – Haiti Seahawks vs. Haiti Vikings

Our electric football vintage match-ups can continue thanks to the power being restored yesterday. This week we’ve picked the Vikings and the Seahawks. It turns out to be an intriguing real life game, with both NFL teams trying to figure out if … Continue reading

Electric Football Vintage NFL Week 8 Preview – Falcons vs. Eagles

Perhaps the Eagles-Falcons Tudor electric football matchup seems obvious – the NFL’s only undefeated team going up against the “home” team. A true test, a hope for an upset, the Eagles turning their season around – or is that upward? … Continue reading

Electric Football Vintage NFL Week 6 Preview – Eagles vs. Lions; (Vikings vs. Redskins; Jets vs. Colts)

Back in early September I picked the Eagles and the Lions as the matchup for Week 6. This was done partially from a “home” perspective, but also because I still have my originals of these teams, even down to the … Continue reading

Electric Football Magic

My journey to becoming a lifelong Viking fan began when my older brother and I bought our first electric football game in 1969. It was the Tudor NFL No. 620. Was there a better electric football game to own in … Continue reading