Jets vs Browns in The Electric Football Wishbook

<img alt="Electric Football Wishbook Jets Browns NFL 1970 610 Electric Football Game">1970 is one of the all-time great years for Electric Football. And our Electric Football Wishbook shows that off with four different 1970 Christmas catalog pages, including this one from Alden, which features the New York Jets and Cleveland Browns on Tudor’s brand new AFC No. 610 model.

Tudor Weaves the Jets and Browns Into NFL and Electric Football History

The AFC No. 610 is a beautiful game that was released at a very important time in NFL history. But the event that etched this game into Electric Football lore took place on Monday, September 21, 1970.

On that night the Cleveland Browns hosted the New York Jets in Cleveland’s Municipal Stadium. Besides the 85,000 fans in attendance, there were ABC cameras, and an announcing crew of Keith Jackson, Don Meredith, and Howard Cosell. This trio would introduce Prime Time football to millions of television viewers around the country.

<img alt="ABC Monday Night Football Announcers Howard Cosell, Keith Jackson, and Don Meredith in 1970">

ABC Monday Night Football announcers Howard Cosell, Keith Jackson, and Don Meredith.

In coming up with teams for No. 610 — the Browns in white and the Jets in green — Tudor was simply lucky. The team pairing was decided in late 1969, and unveiled for toy buyers at Toy Fair in February of 1970. Retailers were already ordering No. 610’s with Browns and Jets long before the NFL schedule was announced in May of 1970.

But it’s the kind of luck that seemed to always be on Tudor’s side. Whether it was landing the NFL license on the cusp of the NFL-AFL merger, having the first Tudor Super Bowl model be the Jets historic victory in SB III, or creating the first Monday Night Football game, Tudor ended up being in the right place at the right time.

The 1970 American Conference No. 610 is one of the true treasures of Electric Football. And we’re proud to have the game on display in full color in The Electric Football Wishbook.


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