2017 Electric Football World Championships and Convention

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The biggest Electric Football event of the year is the probably biggest Tudor Electric Football event ever. We’re talking about the one and only 2017 World Football Championships and Convention in Dallas, TX on July 28-30. Being held at the Westin Dallas Fort Worth Airport Hotela Trip Advisor “Certificate of Excellence” winner — it promises to be an event of historic proportions. One not to be missed and one that will be long remembered.

Four different competitions will be held to cover the entire competitive spectrum of Electric Football. First, there’s the Youth Electric Football Olympics for kids 12 and under. Youth events are always the most fun and uplifting because they welcome the next generation of Electric Football player and fan to the game. There’s nothing better than passing on the “gift” of Electric Football.


EF Coach Ray Fanara overseeing the Youth Electric Football Division at Tudor Con 2014. Nothing better than passing on the game.

Then there’s Tudor’s all-new Electric Football OPEN, an event that is open to players of all skill levels with an innovative base swapping format to level the playing field between the novice and expert coach. Each of the 64 coaches in the tournament will tweak a full set of bases, give half of that set away, then receive a replacement half set of bases from a fellow coach (a random drawing will be held to “reassign” the bases). So the novice or intermediate level player could end up with bases from an Electric Football champ — talk about an exciting opportunity!

Aimed at the intermediate player is the Electric Football League Invitational, and finally there is the true expert, elite, and Crown Jewel event of the weekend, the MFCA Tournament Of Champions. The winner of this competition will be Electric Football’s 2017 World Champion.

Of course, an Electric Football Convention is alway about the people. Renewing old friendships and creating new ones…there really is nothing quite like it. You just never know who you’ll meet or who you’ll run into. Always someone who will add to your Electric Football experience.

And in addition to all the great play and great people, the Tudor Games Store will be at the event and open to fill all your NFL Electric Football needs. Games, teams, bases, accessories — the best Electric Football shopping experience on the planet!

Tudor Store LS

The Tudor Store at Tudor Con 2014.

All the info you need is on the Tudor Games web site. Be sure to make your reservations early!!

Electric Football at Toy Fair 2017

IMG_1531 full

The entire Tudor NFL line on display across the front of the Tudor Games booth.

It’s Toy Fair Time of Year Again!!

It’s amazing that another New York City Toy Fair has come and gone. This mark’s the 5th year in a row that I’ve been a guest in the Tudor Games booth at the Fair, with host and Tudor President Doug Strohm magnanimously listing “Historian” on my Toy Fair badge.


The 2017 event again saw Tudor Games move forward in terms of visibility and prestige, with a large and attractive booth that was positioned on a main corridor just steps off the escalator. This meant that one of the first things you saw when entering the lower level of the massive Javitz Center was Electric Football. It was a primo location that guaranteed lots of foot traffic and attention. And there was lots of Electric Football to see, as this was the first year that Tudor Games had it’s entire NFL line displayed across the front of the booth. A far cry from the cramped three tables and off-the-beaten-path location that Tudor Games occupied back in 2013.

Tudor has a lot planned for 2017, and Doug was generous enough to share his vision for the coming year during several extended conversations at Toy Fair. We’ll be highlighting what’s new at Tudor in a series of upcoming blog post here on The Buzz page.

I’ll end by saying that Tudor’s new metal Electric Football games are the REAL deal. They work amazingly well and are so fun to play with. Good, good stuff!!


Electric Football Thanksgiving Day Matchup – Haiti Redskins vs. Haiti Cowboys


Electric football and Thanksgiving Day go together in many ways, but the most interesting way was the “looking forward” part of the holiday. What we mean is, Thanksgiving Day always signaled the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. It was time to get serious about “being good” to make sure that coveted electric football game would show up on Christmas morning.

1974 Electric Football Thanksgiving Day Ad

1974 Electric Football Thanksgiving Day Ad

It was also the time when you started thinking seriously about the game you wanted. You would actually let your thoughts drift to what it would be like on Christmas morning, setting up your teams, and then flicking the switch for the first time. It would be a moment like no other…and one that a lot us still remember today. But this fixation and anticipation would usually start on the Thanksgiving Day weekend.

Helping stoke that anticipation was the once rare Thursday NFL game. For a couple of years in the late 1960’s we even had the choice of two NFL games and two AFL games to watch on Thanksgiving Day.

The DuMont Network aired the first nationally televised Thanksgiving Day NFL contest in 1951 (a coaxial cable connecting television stations on the East and West Coast had just come online in September). It was a matchup between the Lions and Packers, a Thanksgiving pairing that would stay together until 1964. Then things loosened up a bit, although the Lions remained the featured home team. The Cowboys got their Thanksgiving Day spot in 1966, and both teams have held their Thursday holiday places ever since.

Clint Longley breaking Redskins’ fans hearts in 1974. Clint who?

We’re going with Cowboys-Redskins this weekend. The on-field matchup is intriguing and has playoff consequences for both teams. So it should be an intense battle – and this is even before adding on the traditional Cowboys-Redskins historical baggage.

And in electric football we’ve got two nicely painted Haiti teams to give the matchup some real detailed shine. Also the Haiti teams harken back to the era when second-string rookie QB Clint Longley rallied the Cowboys for a 24-23 comeback over the Redskins. So it’s all pretty fitting. Hopefully the real game will be half as riveting as that long ago Cowboys-Redskins contest.

From all of us at The Unforgettable Buzz we wish you a very enjoyable and safe holiday.

Earl, Roddy, and Michael

Uni Watch.com Reviews The Unforgettable Buzz!

<img alt="Uni Watch Review of The Unforgettable Buzz book">

We are big fans of the web site Uni Watch, which, as its name implies, keeps a watch on sports uniforms both old and new. Their subtitle, “The Obsessive Study Of Athletic Aesthetics,” means they sweat the details of what makes a good or bad look in sports uniforms and sports memorabilia.

They’ve also featured our books The Unforgettable Buzz and Full Color Electric Football in previous web posts, giving both positive feedback and much welcomed visibility. We really feel like Uni Watch is a perfect audience for the historical aspects of Electric Football.

So we’re proud and blown away by this wonderful review of The Unforgettable Buzz posted on Uni Watch last month. It was written by Collector’s Corner columnist Brinke Guthrie, who not only read the entire book —the Kindle version — he clearly “got” and thoroughly understood the amazing story we’re trying to tell.

Electric Football history has so many layers, and few of the game’s major events or inventions took place in a vacuum. There were reasons, either external or internal, for why things happened in Electric Football. That’s what makes the history of game so incredibly fascinating. (For example, Tudor’s success with the No. 500 model in the early 1950’s enticed Gotham into making their own version of Electric Football in 1954.)

Mr. Guthrie even offered up the best one line summation of The Unforgettable Buzz we’re ever heard — “Timing is everything.”

With that in mind, please take the time to go over to Uni Watch and read the entire review. It is worth it. Thanks so much Uni Watch!!


The Halloween Connection – the NFL, Electric Football, and Monday Night Football

electric football sears 613 NFL 1967 Tudor

Inspired by Halloween – the 1967 Sears exclusive Tudor NFL No. 613 model with the Cardinals and the Bears.

On Halloween night in 1966 the Cardinals hosted the Bears in the newly opened Busch Stadium. The game was nationally televised, and the Cardinals prevailed over the Bears 24 -17. The significance of this game was that it happened on a Monday night.

The game was an important and calculated part of NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle’s campaign to convince the major television networks that regularly scheduled Monday night NFL football games could draw viewers and be profitable. (Thanks to Rozelle’s efforts, this “crazy idea” became a reality in 1970 with ABC’s Monday Night Football.) 

For 1967, Tudor Director of Product Development and Electric Football-designer extraordinaire Lee Payne recreated the Cardinals-Bears Monday night Halloween game in the form of the Sears’ NFL 613 model. It’s still one of the most striking games that Tudor ever made. And it’s not only a part of Electric Football history, it’s part of NFL history too. History that was made long ago on a Halloween night.

Full Color Electric Football book page 64 NFL Sears No. 613 game bears cardinals

Page 64 from Full Color Electric Football

We capture all of that history in our book The Unforgettable Buzz:The History of Electric Football and Tudor Games. We also capture the Tudor NFL No. 613 model, in color, in our Full Color Electric Football book.


Earl & Roddy

The Unforgettable Buzz Book on Uni Watch.com

We are proud and pleased to have our The Unforgettable Buzz book featured on Uni Watch.com.

The Uni Watch.com Collectors Corner, September 13, 2016

Uni Watch web site Collectors Corner Electric Football and the unforgettable buzz.

Uni Watch is such a great site, and not just because this isn’t the first time they’ve featured us there. The way they follow the “fashion of sport” is something that’s right up our alley of sensibilities. As you know, we love great looking uniforms. That’s one of the major appeals of electric football. The amazing NFL uniforms that Tudor painted through the years.

So we are long time fans, with our fandom dating back to the earliest days of our The Unforgettable Buzz web page. And of course we became even bigger fans after our Full Color Electric Football book came in at No. 3 on the Uni Watch/ESPN 2015 Holiday Gift Guide. What an unexpected gift that was!

This current feature talks about the new e-book version of The Unforgettable Buzz, which just came out over the summer. It was nice to have the new format mentioned. Certainly they type advertising we can’t buy. And to an audience that is perfect for both of our books.

So once again, our helmets are off to Uni Watch. Thank you for all the support of Electric Football!


2016 Hall Of Fame Game and Tudor’s No. 510

Set to square off in this Sunday’s Pro Football Hall of Fame game in Canton, Ohio are the Colts and the Packers. These NFL teams are obvious choices because of the Hall Of Fame inductions of Brett Favre, as well as former Colts’ player Marvin Harrison. In addition, former Colts’ coach Tony Dungy is also a 2016 inductee.

Pro Football Hall Of Game Game 2016 Tudor 1967 510 Colts Packers

The new NFL No. 510 in the 1967 Tudor sales catalog.

This Hall Of Fame Game pairing contains so much NFL history. In the 1960’s these teams were bitter rivals who played some epic games. One of those games is the 1965 Western Conference Championship, which we feature in our Full Color Electric Football book.

And this rivalry is why Tudor put the Colts and Packers on their new NFL No. 510 Electric Football game in 1967. They were two of the best teams in the NFL, and would help sell Tudor’s brand new line of NFL games. Lee Payne’s careful photography also would help sell games (see photo).

The Tudor NFL No. 510 model is a first ballot Electric Football Hall Of Famer

Just like Favre, the Tudor NFL No. 510 is a first ballot inductee into the Hall of Electric Football games. It was a top seller for Tudor, and in addition to the NFL No. 620 game, helped make NFL Electric Football a “featured toy” in the Christmas catalogs of Sears, Montgomery Ward, and JC Penney.

Because the Tudor No. 510 is one of the most noteworthy games in all of Electric Football, we didn’t hesitate to put it on the cover of The Unforgettable Buzz in 2013.

Electric Football Book Ront Cover The Unforgettable Buzz

It’s truly an Electric Football Hall Of Fame Game.

Not just for 2016, but for all-time!

Remembering Electric Football Inventor Norman Sas

It was four years ago today that Electric Football Inventor Norman Sas passed away. Were were truly saddened, but we knew that Norman had not been well for some time. So his passing wasn’t completely unexpected. What we didn’t know was that the Sas family would put both of our names and the tentative title of our still unpublished book into Norman’s obituary. It was an honor that we’ll always treasure, and it sent us on our way to getting The Unforgettable Buzz into print in 2013. Here’s a video we put together back in 2013 remembering the amazing things Norman accomplished Electric Football.


Earl & Roddy

The Unforgettable Buzz Now in e-Book Format!!

Welcome to our new e-book version of The Unforgettable Buzz!

Welcome to the new e-book version of The Unforgettable Buzz!

Electric Football has a new landmark — the first ever Electric Football e-book!

To celebrate the 3rd anniversary of the release of The Unforgettable Buzz we’ve put together an e-book version that is now available for pre-order on Amazon (see the Amazon button below – if you can’t see the button, please pause your ad-blocking software). By ordering now, an e-book version of The Unforgettable Buzz will automatically be downloaded to the reading device of your choice on Tuesday, June 21, the official release day.

You don’t need to own a Kindle to read the e-book version of The Buzz. All you need is a computer, tablet, or smart phone. Amazon has a Kindle Reader for Windows, MacAndroid tablets and phones,  iPad and iPhones. All you need to do is download the correct reader for your device (versions are also in Apple App Store and in Google Play). The readers are free!


e-Books let readers essentially create their own formatting, so things will look a little different in the e-Buzz. But every single word is there — in a version that’s searchable and a lot easier to carry around than the print version.

We hope you enjoy this latest and groundbreaking edition of The Unforgettable Buzz. Thanks for your support over the last three years!


Earl, Roddy, & MK

Tudor Games Blog = The Unforgettable Buzz!

Tudor Blog copy

We are absolutely thrilled to have Tudor Games — the home of NFL Electric Football — using our The Unforgettable Buzz web page as the Tudor Games Blog page! Anytime your on the Tudor Games web page and want to visit The Unforgettable Buzz, just go to the “News” tab, and then click on “Blog.”

And there we are! What a fantastic combination — we are totally honored!!

Thank you Doug Strohm!!

Toy Fair 2016 Recap


Tudor Games Toy Fair Booth 2016

Going to Toy Fair in New York City is always exciting. As we documented in The Unforgettable Buzz, so much Electric Football history was made at Toy Fair, that anytime you can be part of the event…it’s special. And we’re happy to report that Electric Football history continues to be made at Toy Fair by Tudor Games.

For 2016 Tudor Games had it’s biggest booth and it’s most prestigious location since Doug Strohm took over the company in 2012. And it’s more than just having a “big” booth. The 2016 Tudor Games booth was not only spacious, it was polished and inviting. Just flat out impressive. It just had the “look” of a company you wanted to do business with. This was a much upgraded presentation from the cramped three tables and off-the-beaten-path location that Tudor Games occupied just three short years ago in 2013.


An honor to have both of our books on display at Toy Fair 2016.

Toy Fair is really all about “business,” and business was excellent for Tudor, with the booth being busy pretty much from opening to closing throughout the four day event. All the major retailers stopped by. Without a doubt this will be the most visible year for Electric Football in a long, long time. Having the NFL back in Electric Football makes a huge difference in how toy buyers view the game. And speaking of viewing, the new Tudor NFL teams look fantastic. Great looking pieces that will be fun to play with, and likely to stand the test of time in the decades to come.

So the future of Electric Football continues to look very bright. Doug Strohm seems determined to keep the game evolving and moving forward. It’s something that was obvious to everyone who took the time to stop by the Tudor Games Toy Fair booth in 2016.


Earl & Roddy

Electric Football 20 Year Landmark — 1996 Miggle Convention

1996 Miggle Electric Football Convention

The Buzz display at the 1996 Electric Football Convention in Chicago.

It was 20 years ago today that the first national Electric Football convention took place in Chicago. The event was hosted by Miggle Toys, who had bought the Tudor Games Electric Football line in a bankruptcy sale in late 1991. (See the “Beyond Brooklyn” chapter in our book The Unforgettable Buzz.) It had taken Miggle a number of years to get Electric Football up and running, and to re-secure the NFL license. After holding a four person Super Bowl tournament in Michael Jordan’s restaurant in 1995, Miggle decided to have a full-blown convention in 1996.

The 1996 event took place at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Chicago, truly a grand venue for Electric Football’s “rebirth.” For those of us lucky enough to have journeyed to this first meeting of the Electric Football nation, it’s something we will never forget. Our perspective from behind our table of vintage games — which we ended up auctioning off late in the afternoon — was a blur of conversations about games and teams, and yes, even that book we were going to write.

Part our display in 1996

Part of our display in 1996

It was all so new, from the stories we heard about reposing players with a hot butter knife, to being shown some of the “secrets” of the game with regards to passing and player positioning. There were so many layers, so many details, so many stories to share — you have to remember that 20 years ago the internet was in its infancy. This was a time of dial-up modems and five-hour a month online access plans. So the “sharing” of the game, at least beyond the exchange of letters and phone calls was just beginning. Miggle’s “Plugged In” newsletter WAS the voice of the hobby.

In looking back, it’s clear now that the Chicago Hyatt Ballroom on January 20, 1996, was the “ground zero” of modern Electric Football  The big scattered mysterious world of Electric Football gathered on that day (and the following day!) and got to know itself a whole lot better.

Electric football Miggle Chicago 1996 Earl Shores NFL Tudor

The Unforgettable Buzz author Earl Shores working his tables at the 1996 Miggle Convention.

We forged friendships in Chicago that still remain special to us in 2016. That so many of us would still be at this Electric Football “thing” 20 years later…nobody was thinking that far ahead. We were all in the moment enjoying all the moments that unfolded during those two days. A common feeling among attendees was that this might be the ONLY Electric Football convention ever held. It was a certainly a motivation that drove many of us to Chicago on a below-zero weekend.

1996 chi trib

The Chicago Sun-Times and The Chicago Tribune both covered the event, as did Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel and even The Baltimore Sun gave it a mention. We were quoted by all of these publications — identified as writing a book on Electric Football history. We’re glad that, 20 years on, we were actually able to fulfill that ambition. (Twice!)

Here’s to all of the friends we made in Chicago and on this two decade Electric Football odyssey!


Earl & Roddy

The Unforgettable Buzz Looks Back on 2015

WP 2015 saints copy 2

Things were very busy in the Electric Football world at the end of 2015. In fact, things got so busy that we didn’t get around to our annual end of the year round up.

Of course, the event at the top of our 2015 list….

  • Full Color Electric Football was published! We’re so proud to get our 2nd book out to everyone. It was a true labor of love and took some intense weeks to get things fully finalized and ready for publication. Michael’s design work had been blowing us away since the earliest pages, so we were eager to get it out. How cool is that Electric Football timeline?

Box of Full Color Electric Football Books

uni hol 4 copy 2

    • The Unforgettable Buzz went to college! It was beyond our wildest dreams to ever think that a book about Electric Football history would ever be considered “academic.” But there we were, being toted to a classroom at the University of Central Florida during the Spring semester!
Pages 82 and 138 from The Unforgettable Buzz as they appeared the ESPN Electric Football documentary.

Pages 82 and 138 as they appeared the ESPN Electric Football documentary.

Web site banner for Full Color Electric Football

The 1967 Tudor NFL No. 613 Electric Football game

      • Celebrated the 3rd Birthday of The Unforgettable Buzz blog in July 2015. This might not seem like much, but most blogs don’t last 6 months. (Right now there are more than 280 post on this site!) We might not be the smartest, or the most SEO savvy people to ever run a blog, but we are one thing — determined. Otherwise we would have never published one book, let alone a second one.

So, a BIG “thank you” to everyone out there who has been along for ride, and who have helped keep this amazing 3.5 year Electric Football ride just keep going and going and going…We are humbled by your continued support.

Here’s to a memorable 2016!


Earl, Roddy, & MK


Tudor Moves To Brooklyn – December 1945

Tudor's Christmas greeting to the toy industry in 1945

Tudor’s Christmas greeting to the toy industry in 1945

Electric Football groundwork was laid 70 years ago this month, when Tudor Metal Products moved from Manhattan to a brand new factory in Brooklyn. This six-story building at 176 Johnson Street would gain iconic stature in the 1960’s and 1970’s, as millions of hard earned pennies, nickels, and dimes were sent to that address for NFL Electric Football teams and accessories.

But in December of 1945 Tudor was not yet making Electric Football. Running the company at the time were Elmer Sas (Norman Sas’ father) and Gene Levay. Both men were in good spirits after finishing a profitable period of making items for the Department of Defense, and they placed a cheery full-page ad in the toy industry journal Playthings announcing Tudor move to the new building.

Things didn’t work out quite the way Sas and Levay hoped over the next several years, but the move to Brooklyn did ultimately prove to be a positive for the company. And this ad, with the drawing of the iconic Tudor factory, is one of those fantastic “finds” that helped us put together the story of Electric Football. It’s a great piece of toy history from a time when New York City was at the center of the toy making universe.

Wishing everyone a great Holiday Season — and let’s all be thankful that Tudor Games and Electric Football are still alive and well in 2015!


Earl & Roddy


176 Johnson Street today.

Uni Watch/ESPN Holiday Gift Guide Puts Full Color Electric Football At No. 3!

uni hol 4 copy 2

Electric Football is making its mark in 2015, as our new Full Color Electric Football™ book landed at No. 3 on the Uni Watch/ESPN Holiday Gift Guide list!! Watch just past the 2 minute mark of this ESPN video as Uni Watch columnist and editor Paul Lukas holds up a copy of Full Color Electric Football and says “this is a great new book…”


Like Norman Sas did when Lee Payne showed off the first-ever 3-D Electric Football players, we fell out our chairs!

no 3 holiday guide copy


There is also a nice write up of the book on the ESPN web site (above). From this ESPN exposure we had a record number of visitors to our own web site. Hopefully we’ve awakened some long dormant yet cherished memories of Electric Football under the Christmas tree.


What a start to the Christmas season — thanks so much to all of you who’ve been along for the long ride over the last two years! And a big “Full Color” welcome to those who are just rediscovering the special place that Electric Football occupies in our hearts and minds.



Earl, Roddy & MK


Christmas Catalog Page Top 10 — No. 9

No. 9 1967 Ward

No. 9 – the 1967 Ward Christmas Catalog

Our Electric Football Christmas Catalog Page Countdown continues! Coming in at No. 9 is page 275 of the 1967 Montgomery Ward Christmas Catalog. 1967 was Tudor’s first year with the NFL license, and this is the FIRST catalog appearance of the company’s brand new NFL No. 620 game with the Browns and Giants. This wasn’t the standard issue No. 620, as the Ward version came with an exclusive accordion-like grandstand (existence confirmed by Electric Football archeologist extraordinaire Brian Nixon).

Another interesting part of the Ward page is a Tudor No. 500 photo that’s labeled “Super Bowl electric football.” This was two years before the first Sears’ Tudor Super Bowl appeared, so for years we chalked this up to ambitious advertising on Ward’s part. But then at TudorCON 14 René Smith showed up with this little beauty.

René Smith with his 1968 Otasco Tudor No. 500 Super Bowl - a game the we didn't know existed!

René Smith with his 1968 Otasco Tudor No. 500 Super Bowl – a game the we didn’t know existed!

So maybe Ward did have a small generic Super Bowl No. 500 in 1967. One of the reasons we love Electric Football. You just never know what will turn up.

No matter the variation of the No. 620 that showed up under your tree in 1967, you were completely captivated by Tudor’s miniature NFL. And Tudor was off to a decade of NFL Electric Football heights that would change the toy, and how it was perceived, forever.

More to come from our Countdown — it’s already December!

Full Color Friday – Tudor QB Brass Master


Electric Football production pieces of any kind are exceedingly rare. That’s because they weren’t viewed as anything “special” at the time they were created. Their purpose was simple — to be part of the industrial process of making a toy. Or in the case of the page from Full Color Electric Football we’re previewing today, the process of creating an Electric Football player. And these production pieces didn’t create just a single item or player. The brass master in our photo spawned tens of millions of Electric Football players.

So…can something really be “special” when millions of items are produced from it?

Yes, because of what happened when a production line ceased. Pieces like this quarterback were not only discarded, they were destroyed. Melted down. Just visualize this master being dumped into a blazing furnace…Electric Football history disappearing right before your eyes.

So we’re proud in Full Color Electric Football to be able to feature — in color — this Tudor brass master. It was from him that Tudor created their NFL Quarterback Electric Football sets in the early 1980’s. It was also from him that Tudor created the short-lived “Quarterbacks of the NFL” line in 1983.

As one of the few Electric Football production pieces to survive into the modern era, he’s now like a prized dinosaur fossil in a museum display. His “bones” help explain Electric Football’s past to future generations. Another special part of this QB’s legacy is that he spent his post-production days in Brooklyn sitting on the desk of Electric Football inventory and Tudor Games President Norman Sas. How’s that for a priceless pedigree?

We’re pleased to finally give this Tudor player the exposure he deserves — in full color. 


Earl, Roddy, & MK


Christmas Catalog Page Top 10 Countdown – No. 10

1962 Sears Christmas Book page344

Page 344 from the 1962 Sears Christmas Catalog comes in at No. 10 on our Countdown.

Welcome to our Electric Football Christmas Page Catalog Top 10 Countdown! This is the first installment, featuring the Electric Football catalog page that came in at No. 10 on our countdown.

Page 344 from 1962 Sears Christmas Catalog was the first time the Gotham NFL G-1500 appeared in color. It marked the “big time” for Electric Football, with the 36″ x 21″ game – the first big Electric Football game – taking up the top-third of the page. This was the most elaborate presentation Electric Football had ever been given by a major mail-order retailer.

And Sears at this point in time was no ordinary mail-order retailer. They were, in fact, the world’s largest toy retailer. This 1962 page was Sears’ official endorsement of Electric Football as a “featured” toy, as status the game would carry for the next two-plus decades.

This page was a landmark Electric Football history. It shaped how kids (and especially parents!) viewed Electric Football, and turned the burner up to “high” in the Electric Football competition between Tudor and Gotham.

(Both of the Gotham Electric Football games on this page, the NFL G-1500 and smaller G-940, can be found in our new Full Color Electric Football book.)


Full Color Friday – Tudor’s “Big” 1967 AFL

<img alt="Full Color Electric Football book 1967 AFL team page 1968 game"> Big Tudor AFL players in Full Color Electric Football

Full Color Electric Football™ was a labor love. It was all about putting together Electric Football images that we love, images that were inspired by our memories of that first Tudor NFL (or AFL) Electric Football game; our first sighting of a Tudor Super Bowl in a Sears Christmas Wish Book; that first peak at a lineup of NFL and AFL teams in a Lee Payne-designed color Rule Book insert.

These are all moments that, decades later, we still cherish. They link to some of the best moments of our childhood, combining the wonder and innocence of a time when things were simple. When a new NFL team came in the mail, or a new Electric Football game showed up under the Christmas tree…life was good. Very good. You had everything you needed. Period.

That’s how we felt when got the first copies of Full Color Electric Football. Leafing through the pages, especially pages like the beautiful AFL spread included in this post, it was a dream come true. We felt like a giant box containing every Tudor NFL team had been delivered to our doorstep.

And we sincerely hope you’ll share our dream when you have a chance to check out Full Color Electric Football. It’s totally from the heart. We tried to honor this wonderful game as it deserves to be honored – in full color.


Earl, Roddy, & MK


1967 Tudor color Rule Book insert - we matched the team order in Full Color Electric Football 1967 Tudor color Rule Book insert – we duplicated the team order for Full Color Electric Football

Full Color Electric Football™ Is Published!

Box of Full Color Electric Football Books

We are pleased and proud to announce the official publication of our new book Full Color Electric Football™. It’s been quite the “drive” to get this thing into the end zone, including a few tricky “third-and-long” conversions.

Our hopes were high for Full Color Electric Football, and we have to say, those hopes were exceeded. Even after living with this material for almost two years, we found ourselves floored when flipping through the pages of our advance copies.

This book is a dream come true. From the very beginning we “saw” a color Electric Football book. So this marks the culmination of all that we’ve done over the last 20 years. It’s the writing, the research, the photography, and the collecting, all rolled into 124 beautiful pages.

Michael Kronenberg’s design work is…well, you’ll be able to see for yourselves. Masterful, brilliant, visionary — Lee Payne would be proud. And the photography, as Norman Sas and Lee always strived for with Tudor images, puts you right in the game. The appeal of Electric Football is obvious to see, as the NFL comes to life right before our eyes.

We hope that all of you will find a cherished piece of your childhood in Full Color Electric Football.

We encourage you to purchase Full Color Electric Football from our Official e-Store. The e-Store lets you order the book directly from the printer, cutting out the middle man for you, and for us. 

To further encourage you we’re offering a Special Discount on all e-Store sales until November 30, 2015. Enter the code below in the “Apply Discount” box of your shopping cart and get a $1.50 off each copy you buy.


You will have to create an ID and password for Create Space, the company that oversees the e-store. We’ve been working with Create Space since 2013 (they also print The Unforgettable Buzz) and have purchased hundreds of books from them. They operate on a secure server and are a thoroughly professional online company. Click on the button below to navigate to the e-Store. And don’t forget your discount code!

For those of you not comfortable with the e-Store format, not wanting to hassle with a new ID/Password, or wanting to take full advantage of your Amazon Prime benefits, we understand. Here’s the link to our Amazon page: