Tudor 1962 Sports Classic No 600 Game – A Lee Payne Design

electric football Tudor NFL 1962 No. 600

The 1962 Tudor Sports Classic No. 600 model.

Electric football is alive and well, as this photo has been floating around the internent for some time now. But it is our photo. It was part of the “Tudor History” page we did for the Miggle site.

The game is Tudor’s 1962 Sports Classic No. 600 model, and even without the NFL, it’s a significant game. It’s Tudor’s first large game (38″ x 21″), and the first electric football game with 3-D players. It’s also the first game that Lee Payne designed from top to bottom. We love his “speckle” field design.

Much more to come about Lee and 1962 in The  Unforgettable Buzz.

Earl & Roddy

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