The Unforgettable Buzz Book – Four Years And Counting

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Four Years And Counting For The Unforgettable Buzz

It’s stunning that four years have gone by since The Unforgettable Buzz was published. Not that it seems like yesterday, it’s just that many of the events surrounding the book’s release are etched deep into memories.

The excitement, of course, of finally publishing something we’d spent a large chunk of our lives working on. But there was also the stress, more stress than we ever figured  on, in the final months and weeks leading up to publication.

The design of The Unforgettable Buzz was complex with lots of images. In addition, there were lots of pages – 652 to be exact. So there were lots of places for things to be not quite right. A centimeter here, a centimeter there – it was an exacting process to finalize. And we suffered through a very brief period with a corrupted interior file.

We knew it wasn’t right, but we were told that it was “just fine.” Finally, we took it into our own hands to chance a re-upload of the interior file. That was the answer and we were on our way to places we never even dreamed of, including an NFL web site!

Announcing Our Latest Book Project!

And four years out seems like the perfect time tell you about our latest project – the Electric Football™ Wishbook. It’s the first ever compilation of Electric Football and sports game Christmas catalog pages. Our early proofs look amazing – we’ll keep you in on all the details throughout the summer. Be sure to keep an eye on our Buzz Facebook Page.

So thanks for being along for the ride over these last four years!!


Earl, Roddy, & MK


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