New Book, New Designer

We are so pleased to unveil our new cover today. It was designed by Michael Kronenberg, a graphic designer for Marvel — yes the Marvel!!

In addition to his considerable artistic talents, Michael is a truly dyed-in-the-throwback-wool-jersey electric football guy. He “sees” electric football the way we see it…only better. And he will be using his special “EF Vision” on the interior of The Unforgettable Buzz, as well.  We couldn’t have dreamed up a better designer to be working with.

Michael’s work and list of credits is impressive. He has written and designed his own book, The Batman Companion, and been involved in the design of a number of Marvel books, includingMarvel Backlist Reading Chronology and Iron Man by Design. He has also done striking design work on Les Paul in His Own Words, andNo Traveler Returns: The Lost Years of Bela Lugosi. And that’s just a very, very, very, short list of what he’s done.

Michael and I met briefly at the 2000 Electric Football Convention in D.C. through Brian Nixon (thank you Brian!). My memory is a little hazy this far out, but it just goes to show the beauty of these events. You never know who you might meet and just how your paths might cross again somewhere far down the road.

So, we’re truly honored to have Michael and his immense talent on board. It’s going to be an exciting fall!



New Book, New Designer — 2 Comments

  1. Greg Jones
    07/23/2012 7:25pm
    I was in an electric football league with Michael Kronenberg when we were kids. Back in the 70s we had pretty limited places to get our NFL fix and electric football kept us connected to the game from Tuesday – Saturday. I remember proudly displaying my “stadium” in my bedroom. I love the cover! 

    PS – If you even have a remote interest in Batman, Batcave Companion is a must read.

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  2. Dear Earl and Roddy, I very excited to know your book is at long last going to be published. Please let me know when and where it’s available for purchase. I love the cover Michael put together — that is truly a quintessential, primordial electric football image: Green Bay Packers versus BALTIMORE Colts, a la the classic model #510, and also a la so many games that included Starr versus Unitas and Lombardi versus Shula, not to mention the 1965 special playoff game with Tom Matte wearing a copper wristband with plays etched on it at QB for Baltimore versus Zeke Bratkowski for the Pack. Very, very cool. Well done!