Remembering Norman Sas in 2017

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Five Years Since The Passing Of Norman Sas

It’s hard to believe that it’s been five years since Electric Football inventor and former Tudor President Norman Sas passed away. The memory of the day is still incredibly fresh, even five years on.

This was the “before” time for us. We didn’t have a web page, or any social media presence at all. In addition, we didn’t have a book. The Unforgettable Buzz was just a “hope” for us. Something we hoped to accomplish. That we actually would get the book published in way that was accessible…it was just a dream.

But we knew that Norman believed in us, and in our vision for the project. Not only had he passed on to us a closet load of Tudor materials, he repeated his belief in our work when we finally had the opportunity to meet him in 2010 — a meeting that still seems like yesterday.

Unassuming and direct, Norman passed on some of the most amazing Electric Football and NFL stories we’d ever heard. Many were hilarious, with the knockout punchlines amplified by Norman’s wholly droll delivery. We couldn’t squeeze all of these stories into The Buzz, but we like to think that in having them passed on to us, we did squeeze them in there somewhere. Perhaps between the lines.

One thing we do know for sure — Norman’s spirit is present throughout the thousands of words that make up The Buzz. And it’s present in every one of us who love the game of Electric Football.  


Earl & Roddy 

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Earl Shores, Norman Sas, and Roddy Garcia, Florida 2010.


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