Electric Football TudorCON 14 Recap – Part IV

René Smith’s TudorCON 14 display of Tudor toys and games. Photo by David Hawkins.

A Tudor Swing Pin game. We’ve never seen one before – not even in a catalog!

Electric Football was created by Tudor President Norman in 1948 and first sold by Tudor in 1949. Yet Tudor has a history that stretches back all the way to 1928, with the company making a number of toys and games long before Electric Football ever became the Tudor trademark. In a addition, Tudor made a lot of different games during the 40 years that Norman Sas was at the helm.

So it was our honor to be across the aisle from the man who is taking care and nurturing Tudor’s legacy beyond Electric Football – Mr René Smith. We couldn’t even begin to count how many Tudor games René brought to TudorCON 14. He had Tudor games that we didn’t even know existed, like this Tudor Swing Pin game. 

René had all the landmark and now very rare games that make up Tudor’s pre-Electric Football vibrating legacy. There was the 1937 Tudor Auto Race Game, which is the First Electric vibrating game ever made, and there was the 1939 Turtle Hunt game. And René had many more contemporary Tudor games, including Snap-Action Hockey and Golf, which were two of Earl’s favorite sick day games back in the mid-1960’s.

Tudor’s late 1930′s Auto Race Game.

René also taught us a thing or two about Electric Football – that’s coming up as a totally separate post.

We absolutely love René. He’s a truly nice guy whose passions for all things Tudor runs deep – maybe deeper than our own.  He had so many games that he rotated his display several times during the weekend!

It was an honor and a pleasure to get a chance to see René’s amazing collection. We’re so glad that he was part of TudorCON 14 – and we’re glad that we were right across the aisle!


Earl & Roddy


Electric Football TudorCON 14 Recap – Part III

Tudor Games President Doug Strohm opens TudorCON 14. Photo courtesy of Lynn Schmidt.

Electric Football got off to a “super nova” start in 2014 thanks to TudorCON 14. Tudor Games President Doug Strohm officially opened the event on Friday evening, January 24, debuting the newly designed Tudor Electric Football games that would host every tournament game played during the weekend.

The dinner gathering at TudorCON 14. Lynn Schmidt.

Doug’s upbeat and concise remarks set a positive vibe that was taken to heart by everyone at TudorCON 14. Throughout the event there was an overwhelming feeling of fellowship – it’s something we will never forget and always treasure about the weekend. (It had already started during Happy Hour, and continued through dinner when were seated with John DiCarlo and his grandson, David Hawkins, and Joe and Lynda Femiani.)

After Doug finished opening TudorCON 14, practice play began on Tudor’s new fields and the Tudor Store came to life, complete with a stock of Tudor’s new Invisibases as well as Pink Convention bases. Also beginning were the conversations and reminiscing around our Buzz Electric Football display, and the mind-blowing array of non-Electric Football Tudor items being displayed by Baltimore’s René Smith.

Let the post-opening discussions and reminiscing begin! Photo by David Hawkins.

There was a true buzz in the air, and it wasn’t just coming from Tudor’s new games…which are actually on the quiet side. It lasted well into the night, and beyond. Just as we were about the pack up the display for evening, Mark and Bill Klingbeil arrived from Ohio. It was great to catch up with the two MFCA Hall of Famer’s and original Electric Football Convention Super Bowl champions (1995 and 1996). Just a really nice moment for us to all marvel at how far Electric Football has come over the last 20 years.


Earl & Roddy

The Tudor Store is open! Photo by Lynn Schmidt.


YouTube Ad Blitz Promo “Borrows” From The Unforgettable Buzz

An screen shot from the YouTube Ad Blitz video promo. The image on the computer screen that serves as this player’s head was “borrowed” from The Unforgettable Buzz.

Electric Football 1967 Eagles and Giants

The image that YouTube “borrowed” from us. We posted it back on The Buzz web site in September of 2012.

Electric Football was seemingly rediscovered by numerous ad agencies in 2013. From RGIII and Subway, to McDonalds, to Chick-fil-A, to ESPN, and finally Google, with their YouTube Ad Blitz video promo.

Without a doubt the YouTube Ad is clever. The concept of having each Electric Football player be an actual advertiser showing off their product is creative and catches your attention. Even using the well-worn Electric Football cliche of spinning players, the ad works. Definitely worth a watch and a chuckle.

And our eagle-eyed designer Michael Kronenberg discovered something else that YouTube did. They “borrowed” one of our photos. Appearing at 1:23 is a player with a computer screen as his head. The image on the screen is a photo we posted on the Buzz site back in September of 2012. As you can see, we even posted it with a copyright symbol and a Buzz watermark.   

So….guess we should feel flattered that YouTube thought one of our photos was good enough to use in their Ad Blitz advertising.  But part of us can’t help but feel taken advantage of because it was done without our permission – and YouTube, as we all know, has a pretty thorough understanding of copyright law. It comes down to this…all they had to do was ask.


Earl & Roddy 

Side by side comparison

Electric Football 1967 Eagles and Giants

TudorCON 14 Part II – A Few Moments With Tudor’s Vice President James Baum

Throughout the weekend at TudorCON 14, Tudor Vice President James Baum (center) moved stealthily through the room taking in his first Electric Football Convention. His toy world experiences go back to having regular lunch outings with Electric Football inventor Norman Sas. Photo by David Hawkins

A red Honda pulls up in front of the Embassy Suites Philadelphia Airport hotel mid-afternoon on Friday, January 24…the whirlwind begins.

Okay, we need a cart to get our stuff in, oh hey, there’s Jim Davis, and that’s Adrian Baxter, and oh, we know that person…damn, what is his name? More faces we know, some with names, some without. Further in the hotel with the cart, there’s someone we know well but have never met – it’s Lynn Schmidt; and then there’s someone we know and have met, but outside of Electric Football – film maker Ray Spivey. Then a voice…”I’m taking cheesteak orders..” we turn and it’s “Mr National” Corey Johnson. Then “flash” – Lynn’s captures it all (thanks Lynn, it’s a great shot).

Roddy Garcia, Earl Shores, Corey Johnson and Ray Spivey. Photo by Lynn Schmidt.

Finally we rumble into the main room with the cart, and there’s Tudor President Doug Strohm. Earl to Doug: “Doug, we didn’t bring all the games right now, did you want them set up for tonight?” Doug pauses for a second and says diplomatically: “That might be nice.” Earl’s quickly heading back down  I-95 to his house to reload the car while Roddy sets up the initial delivery of stuff. It takes another hour, but finally the entire display is at the hotel.

(Deep breath…now exhale)

The ballroom is mostly quiet and empty as we start putting games out on the tables. Then through the door comes a very distinguished man who will play a vital yet mostly unseen role in the rollout of Tudor’s new line of games – it’s Tudor Vice President James “Jimmy” Baum. Mr. Baum has been in the toy business for more than five decades, and knew Electric Football inventor Norman Sas well enough to have regular lunch outings with him. He has seen it all and done it all in the toy world, from working for Mattel, to being President of Matchbox, to remembering a time when Toy “R” Us was just a spec in the world of toy selling.  

Jimmy Baum and Denise Strohm Chrystowski @Toy Fair 2013

As total toy geeks we’re entranced by Jimmy’s stories of the toy world past and present. He’s a walking toy encyclopedia, and we take this opportunity to ask him some of the questions we wish we could have asked the people in The Unforgettable Buzz who are no longer with us. And it seems fitting that we’re setting up Electric Football games from a time in the toy world that Jimmy witnessed up close and personal. 

We ask him if knew Gotham President Eddie Gluck, and show Jimmy a picture of Gluck that’s in The Buzz…and it’s a moment we will never forget. Here we are standing over a Gotham NFL G-1500 game with someone who was actually in the toy business when Gluck first unveiled the game in 1961.

What James Baum brings to Tudor – his experience, his connections, his knowledge of how the toy world works, and more importantly, how it doesn’t work – will be instrumental to Tudor’s success in 2014. And his “Super Bowl” will be taking in just a few weeks at Toy Fair in NYC. There he will work his magic for Tudor, pitching and selling Electric Football for all that it’s worth. 

So when you see this man at next year’s TudorCON (after what should the most amazing year Electric Football has seen in some time…) be sure to go up to him and and say “Thank You.” He’s a gem and a gentleman, and one of the last original “toy men.”


Earl & Roddy

Coming Fall 2014…it’s Full Color Electric Football!

The cover of the new book from The Unforgettable Buzz authors; full color electric football

We’re proud to officially unveil our newest project — Full Color Electric Football.

This new book will tell the story of Electric Football in glorious color, featuring the best images from The Unforgettable Buzz as well as dozens of newly taken photos.

Every single page of Full Color Electric Football will be in…yes, full color! And every single page will be designed by Marvel Graphic Artist Michael Kronenberg. If you marveled at Michael’s work in The Unforgettable Buzz, wait until you see what he does with our all-photo format in Full Color Electric Football.

We all loved studying the colorful NFL insert that came in our old Tudor Rule Books. Now, imagine if that insert was 100-pages long, and covered not only Tudor but also the Electric Football lines from Gotham, Coleco, and Munro games?

It would be Full Color Electric Football! Stay right here — we’ll keep you posted as we move forward. We’ve already talked to many of you about it at TudorCON 14 right now, and we’re just as excited as you are! 


Earl, Roddy & Michael

TudorCON 14 Electric Football Convention Recap – Part 1

Our 1967 Tudor NFL Big Men Electric Football Display at TudorCON 14. Photo by David Hawkins.

Electric Football has come a LONG way – that’s the overriding feeling as we try to gather our thoughts on the recently finished TudorCON 14 Electric Football Convention. From Chicago in 1996 to Philly in 2014 is a lot of years. Change over that length of time is inevitable. But there’s a cohesion and vibrancy within Electric Football that was fantastic to experience this past weekend. Granted, we were on “sabbatical” from Electric Football for a long time…

Field level view of The Buzz display – a 1970 Coleco CFL Grey Cup model. Photo by Lynn Schmidt.

To that end, we were totally humbled and touched by everyone who came over to our tables to talk about The Unforgettable Buzz. The “welcome back” the Electric Football community rolled out for us…it was incredible and totally humbling. It’s something we will never ever forget. You certainly made us feel like “family.”

The passion for the Electric Football – the past, the current, and future – was on full display throughout the weekend. It was so rewarding to see. And you shared so many wonderful and memorable stories with us. It’s so simple. We all love Electric Football.

It was a massive challenge for Doug Strohm to resurrect the Tudor Convention, and there’s really just not enough praise to cover his efforts and the efforts of David Heydel, Mike Guttman, Margie Windsor, Denise Chrystowski, and Nicole Gresh. A giant “Thank You” to the entire Tudor Games staff for making TudorCON 14 an event that we will all long remember.

We’ll have some some more specific TudorCON 14 posts over the coming days, but we were too busy to really “cover” the event. For that, at the moment, we highly recommend David Hawkins Convention Blog and Flickr Stream,  Lynn Schmidt’s TudorCON 14 album on Facebook, and the Philly NEFL TudorCON 14 Facebook album. There are some amazing photos in all of these places. In fact, we’ve even borrowed from them (thanks David and Lynn!). And congratulations to TudorCON 14 champion Norbert Revels, who we had a great conversation with on Saturday.

Thank you everybody for all the kindness you offered to us throughout weekend and for all of the support you’ve given us throughout the years. The Unforgettable Buzz would have never happened without it. We will never forget our TudorCON 14 experience!


Earl & Roddy

TudorCON 14 Is Here!!

It’s hard to believe that TudorCON 14 is finally here. That a convention like this would ever happen again…it didn’t seem likely a few years ago. But not only is it happening, Doug Strohm and Tudor Game are bringing new items and an new dynamic vision to Electric Football.

So besides the usual buzz of a convention, there is true excitement and optimism that Electric Football’s trajectory is headed upward. There might be a real future for the game we all know and love so well. And we have a chance to be there at the moment when Tudor “lights this candle” on the next chapter of Electric Football.  

DC in 2000

It’s all pretty heady stuff, and we’ve got our fingers crossed for the future of Electric Football. On a more personal level, TudorCON 14 is a chance to meet new friends, renew our old friendships, and offer up and share the part Electric Football that we know best — it’s history and heritage. Hopefully we can offer up a bit of that “Christmas morning” feeling. 

If you’re at the event, please stop by and say “hi.” It’s an exciting time for all of us in Electric Football!!

Earl & Roddy

Thank You Uni-Watch.com for “An Ode To Electric Football”

Electric Football in the news…we’d like to send a big “Thank You” to Paul Lukas and Dennis Check at Uni-Watch.com for “An Ode To Electric Football.” It was a really wonderful piece that ran yesterday on the Uni-Watch web site – which is a very cool site.

Dennis Check with some kind words about The Unforgettable Buzz.

In addition to being a great read, The Unforgettable Buzz received a nice endorsement from Mr. Check. What he said in his review…it’s what we hoped people would think about The Unforgettable Buzz. That it’s an entertaining book about Electric Football, but it’s also about more than just Electric Football. 

We’re so grateful Uni-Watch, and Mr. Check and Mr. Lukas. Be sure to click on over there and check out the story and the web site. We’ve had a nice spike in book sales since the story went up yesterday!!


Earl, Roddy & Michael

TudorCON 14 Countdown – T-minus 3 days!

The Unforgettable Buzz display case for TudorCON 14. Tudor’s 1967 NFL and AFL Electric Football teams.

Electric Football TudorCON 14 countdown….t-minus 3 days and counting!! It’s hard to believe TudorCON 14 is almost here. We’ve had a very busy week as we make final preparations for this weekend.

The Unforgettable Buzz History of Electric Football Special TudorCON 14 Special EditionAnd what a weekend it promises to be! We are so looking forward to seeing Tudor’s new games. Do they look cool or what? They do look like the future, and we’re so glad to be part of the launch of this new and upward direction for Electric Football. Doug Strohm has done his homework in positioning Tudor Games for the future. TudorCON 14 promises to be just the beginning.

We’re going to do our best this weekend to show off Tudor’s long and storied heritage. One of our featured pieces will be this display case of 1967 Tudor NFL and AFL teams. There will be some other surprises too, along with our special TudorCON 14 edition of The Unforgettable Buzz. It’s a true premium edition with upgraded paper and printing. The book will only be available at the convention and in limited number.

Well, we need to get back to packing. See you at TudorCON 14!!


Earl & Roddy

The Unforgettable Buzz – More Than Just Electric Football

Pages 370-371 of The Unforgettable Buzz. A sideline photo of Super Bowl V taken by legendary Electric Football designer Lee Payne. (Page design by Michael Kronenberg.)

More Than Just Electric Football….

It was 43 years ago today the Colts and Cowboys played in Super Bowl  V, a game that is now enshrined in football lore as the “Blunder Bowl.” While it may have been “Blunder-ful,” it was the first Super Bowl that was actually exciting for the neutral viewer to watch. The game was back and forth with interceptions, fumbles, and penalties (or penalties not called, in the case of John Mackey’s 75-yard touchdown catch). And with the game heading into the final minutes, it had something that no other Super Bowl ever had that late in a game – a tie score. The Colts’ Jim O’Brien broke the 13-13 tie with a last second field goal, giving the Colts their first Super Bowl title.  

The Lee Payne-designed 1971 Sears Super Bowl game. How much of Lee’s live sideline view of Super Bowl V did he put into the game?

In honor of Super Bowl V, we’re showing off pages 370-371 of The Unforgettable Buzz, which features a sideline photo of the actual game that was taken by legendary Tudor designer Lee Payne. The reason Lee Payne was on the sideline to was continue his quest to find ways to put realism into Electric Football. He knew that there was more to Tudor’s miniature football concept than paint jobs and logos. 

It’s a lesson from Lee Payne that we like to think we took to heart in putting together The Unforgettable Buzz. Yes, our book is about Electric Football, but the game didn’t exist in a vacuum. It was continually influenced by the world of football, both college and pro. And of course when we sit down to play Electric Football, we always take the outside “real” world and see it on our game.

The Unforgettable Buzz History of Electric Football Special TudorCON 14 Special Edition

Our Special TudorCON 14 Edition of The Unforgettable Buzz.

So throughout the The Unforgettable Buzz you will find images of real football games, like the one above that Lee Payne took of Super Bowl V. You will also find information about the pro and college football seasons for each year that we cover. Those outside events played an integral role in the evolution of Electric Football, and also our love of the game.

Lee Payne knew that there was no way to get the details of Electric Football “right” without accounting for what was going on beyond the vibrating gridiron. We quickly learned that to get the story of Electric Football right, we had to follow the same exact formula. 

See you next week at the TudorCON 14 Electric Football Convention in Philly!

Earl & Roddy



Electric Football Convention Countdown – 2 Weeks Until TudorCON 14!

A young Electric Football fan at the Chicago Convention in 1996 (he’s probably in college now).

Electric Football’s countdown continues…only two weeks until TudorCON 14 in Philadelphia. Hope you’ve made your plans. If not, what are you waiting for?? Electric Football history is at hand. TudorCON 14 is not an event to be missed.

The Unforgettable Buzz History of Electric Football Special TudorCON 14 Special EditionRoddy and I are going through our inventory, making sure we have our best pieces to display in Philadelphia. Of course we’re bringing our TudorCON 14 Special Edition of The Unforgettable Buzz to the convention. It looks amazing and will be available in a limited number.

We are so looking forward to meeting all of our new friends, and renewing our friendships with many of you who we first met nearly 20 years ago. Doug Strohm and Tudor Games are going all out for TudorCON 14. It should be an event to remember, one that will propel Electric Football into the future on a growing wave of positive vibrations.

The photo we used for this blog post is our favorite from Chicago. It illustrates what Electric Football is about for most of us — the wonder and the innocence.

See you in Philly. We can’t wait!!!


Earl & Roddy 

The Special TudorCON 14 Edition of The Unforgettable Buzz

The Unforgettable Buzz History of Electric Football Special TudorCON 14 Special EditionWe are proud to unveil the TudorCON 14 Special Edition of The Unforgettable Buzz.

Putting a book into mass production means making compromises. Those compromises are made in order to make the book easier and more affordable to produce. And while we are TOTALLY proud of the current version of The Unforgettable Buzz, we did end up with a “wish list” for a book without the production constraints we had to follow.

Obviously the book has a new cover. With TudorCON 14 happening in Philadelphia we couldn’t resist the chance to “localize” the book. So we now have a cover featuring a 1967 Tudor version Hall of Famer and former Eagles’ running back Ollie Matson carrying the ball against the Cowboys. As you can see, our original Lee Payne cover image — which we absolutely treasure — served as the template for this new cover.  

The other change is at the bottom. There we have the TudorCON 14 logo as well as “Designer’s Cut | Special Convention Edition.” This means the interior of the book is restored to exactly how our designer Michael Kronenberg originally “saw” it. Most of the compromises we made involved altering text and images away from Michael’s original design. Our Designer’s Cut leaves Michael’s inspired artistic vision for The Unforgettable Buzz totally intact.

Enhancing Michael’s vision in the Special Edition is a higher grade of paper, which not only produces sharper text and photos, it feels better on the fingertips. The ink quality has been upgraded too, resulting in the best looking images we’ve seen.

The Designer’s Cut is a true Premium Edition, and will be available in a limited quantity only at TudorCON 14. Each book will be numbered, and Roddy and I will gladly put our signatures inside (Michael, unfortunately, will be on official duty at the Film Noir Foundation gathering in San Francisco).

See you very soon in Philly!!!


Earl & Roddy

Countdown to TudorCON 14 — Electric Football History Is Just 3 Weeks Away!

Electric Football history will add another chapter in just 3 short weeks when TudorCON 14 — that’s shorthand for the Tudor Games Electric Football Convention -- gets underway in Philadelphia on Friday, January 24.

Tudor Games and Doug Strohm will be unveiling their ambitious plans for the future of Electric Football, which included a new line of games for 2014. All 3 divisions of tournament play — including 2 junior divisions — will be played on Tudor’s new 9081 Speedturf Fields. The will also be a well-stocked Tudor Games Store run by Warehouse Operations legend Margie Windsor.

Roddy and I will be there with the first historical display of Electric Football games and teams that we’ve done in 15 years. We’ll also have some special items this year that come directly from the collections of Electric Football inventor Norman Sas and legendary Tudor designer Lee Payne. And last, but not least, we will be bringing along a TudorCON 14 “Special Convention Edition” of The Unforgettable Buzz to Philadelphia.

Today (Friday January 3) is the last day to secure the special TudorCON 14 room rate at the Embassy Suites where the convention is taking place. So it’s definitely time register and reserve!

See you in Philly!!


Earl & Roddy

1996 Miggle Electric Football Convention

The Buzz display at the 1996 Electric Football Convention in Chicago.

Happy New Year From The Unforgettable Buzz!

Part of the back cover of the Special TudorCON 14 “Designer’s Cut” Edition of The Unforgettable Buzz.

A very Happy New Year to all of our Electric Football friends. We hope you’ve had a great time over the holidays, and had a chance to get some buzzin’ in. If not, we hope you did have a chance to think back to those days when the Greatest Games were played on your living room floor.

2013 was an incredible year for us because The Unforgettable Buzz finally got published! It had been in the works for so long it seemed like it was never going to happen. But it did, and your support of the first book ever written about Electric Football has been amazing. The Buzz succeeded beyond our wildest dreams!

We humbly “Thank You” from the bottom of our unsent Tudor order forms!! 

But we’re not just looking backward as the New Year begins. We are totally looking ahead in 2014 with all systems set to “full buzz.” In just a few weeks we’ll be at TudorCON 14 in Philadelphia, renewing treasured old Electric Football friendships and personally meeting many of our new Electric Football friends for the very first time!

We can’t wait. It’s going to be an epic event. Not only will we have a display of rare games and teams, we’re bringing something else to Philadelphia that we’re really proud of – a special TudorCON 14 edition of The Unforgettable Buzz. (More to come real soon…this Edition will only be available at the Convention.) We hope you’ve made your plans for TudorCON 14!

And beyond the Tudor Convention…we will have a COLOR Electric Football photo book ready for the fall of 2014. So it’s already shaping up as another “unforgettable” year. We hope you all stay along for the ride.


Earl & Roddy



Happy Holidays From The Unforgettable Buzz

It is with tremendous thanks that we send out this Holiday greeting. We have been truly humbled by the response to The Unforgettable Buzz this past year. In almost every way our expectations have been surpassed – we’ve had many “Christmas mornings” since the book was released in June. We’re not even sure that “surprise” and “wonder” capture what we’ve experienced over the last six months.

Electric Football is one of the most unique toys ever made, and the memories it created are ones that we treasure. That The Unforgettable Buzz has played a small part in helping readers relive those moments…again we are humbled. 

The story really belongs to the “toy men” who believed that the average kid would notice all the details — corner flags, field markings, double-decker stadiums, hand NFL painted teams, etc. — that were included in each game. Norman Sas, Lee Payne, Eddie Gluck, Brian Clarke, and Don Munro Jr. all played a part in creating the great memories we cherish. We hope their stories will be told for many Christmases to come. And we also hope that Doug Strohm of Tudor Games adds a totally new chapter to the Electric Football story.

So from all of us at the Buzz team, we’d like to wish everybody a very happy Holiday and a very Merry Christmas. We hope it includes some “buzzzzzing” too.

Earl, Roddy, & Michael

1971 Cleveland Browns Quarterback Club Electric Football Commercial

Electric Football has another television commercial from the past to ad to its lineup. This was forwarded to us by sportswriter and fellow Electric Football aficionado Greg Eno. It’s from Gib Shanley’s Quarterback Club, which was a Cleveland Browns’ review show that aired weekly during the NFL season. This episode was from December 8, 1971, covering the recent inter-state rivalry game with the Cincinnati Bengals.  

Gib Shanley plugs A Tudor NFL Electric Football game on television during the Cleveland Browns’ Quarterback Club.

The ad comes on at about the 1:20 mark, although the entire clip is worth watching to get a real feel for the era. Featured is a regional version of the Tudor AFC 610 model with the Browns and the Bengals. The game is being sold at “Uncle Bill’s” — one of the show’s sponsors — for the truly bargain price of $10. What an amazing piece of Electric Football history!


Earl & Roddy

Terrific Review of The Unforgettable Buzz on the Boxer Journal

Tom Flynn’s novel Venable Park

Baltimore writer Tom Flynn gave The Unforgettable Buzz a terrific review on his blog the Boxer Journal last week. Here’s a sample:

“Authors Earl Shores and Roddy Garcia have done such a brilliant job of using the game as a lens for viewing so many aspects of American life – including the rise of merchandising, professional football, and television – that foremost it may be a history lesson cleverly disguised as a book about a toy.”

Besides being the author of two books — Venable Park and Baseball in Baltimore — Tom has also written for the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. His latest work can be read in The Tennessean.

We highly recommended Tom’s writing. He has a very thoughtful and nuanced “voice” that adds exceptional depth to both his sports and fiction work.


Earl & Roddy



Electric Football Christmas Catalog Countdown – J.C. Penney 1976

Tudor NFL Electric Football in the 1976 JC Penney Christmas Catalog

By 1976 the Sears’ Christmas Wish Book was down to two Electric Football games (the Sears NFL Super Bowl and the Tudor No. 500), while the Montgomery Ward Christmas Catalog was down to a single Coleco model. Only at J.C. Penney did is seem that Electric Football was not feeling the advancing pressure of Electronic Games.

There were three games in the J.C. Penney Christmas Book: the Tudor NFL No. 655, the NFL No. 635, and the NFL No. 515. It would be the last Christmas catalog to ever have three Electric Football games on display.

Earl & Roddy 

The Unforgettable Buzz Signing At The Chester County Book Company on 12/21

Electric Football will be visible in the Philadelphia area during the Christmas shopping season. On Saturday, December 21, Earl Shores will be signing The Unforgettable Buzz at the Chester County Book Company between 11 am – 3 pm.

It’s a perfect way to get a very special last-minute Christmas gift. Or just come out and say “hi” if you already have your copy of The Buzz.

We are grateful to the Chester County Book Company for asking us to be part of their busy last days of Christmas shopping.  They are a true local bookstore who have been around since 1982 — that’s quite a feat in today’s book publishing landscape. And they even invited us to bring along an Electric Football game for display! Still deciding which one to bring. Come on out and see which vintage game we picked.


 Directions to Chester County Book Company

The Chester County Book Company is located at the intersection of Route 202 and Paoli Pike in the West Goshen Center, West Chester, PA.

Exit at the Paoli Pike ramp from Route 202 and turn right onto Paoli Pike. The West Goshen Center will be directly on your right.

Epic Electric Football Interview With The Knee Jerks!

WOW…Do The Knee Jerks know and love Electric Football!! We had an Epic conversation with Greg Eno and Al Beaton that lasted almost 45 minutes – by far the most in depth Electric Football interview we’ve ever done.

The amount of ground we covered was amazing. From favorite games, to getting the magic team box from Brooklyn, to the hours spent studying the Sears Christmas Wish Books and the Tudor Rule Books…it’s all here.

This interview is worth a listen by anybody with even a passing interest in Electric Football. Greg and Al definitely got to the heart of what Electric Football means to so many of us!!

The first 45 minutes of the show are devoted to Electric Football and The Unforgettable Buzz. (If you don’t see the media player below, please reload the page.)

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