Uni Watch/ESPN Holiday Gift Guide Puts Full Color Electric Football At No. 3!

Electric Football is making its mark in 2015, as our new Full Color Electric Football™ book landed at No. 3 on the Uni Watch/ESPN Holiday Gift Guide list!! Watch just past the 2 minute mark of this ESPN video as … Continue reading

Recap: Errol Morris and ESPN’s Subterranean Stadium

It’s really been a busy couple of weeks, so we’ve just recently had the opportunity to fully soak in Errol Morris’ sublime Electric Football documentary “The Subterranean Stadium.” We’re not even sure where to start — it gets better with … Continue reading

Electric Football In Errol Morris/ESPN Short Film!

Electric Football will be front and center this Sunday night on ESPN at 9 pm EST. That’s when the network will air a short film on our favorite hobby as part of a 2-hour special titled It’s Not Crazy, It’s Sports. … Continue reading

The Unforgettable Buzz on Television!!

Electric Football got a great reception from John Voperian of “Beyond The Game” the other night at White Plains Community Media. I had a great time talking with John – he’s a gracious host who asked great questions. He made … Continue reading

Tudor Games Invisibases on a 1970 Coleco Game

As we were shooting photos for our upcoming Full Color Electric Football book, we thought we’d have some fun trying out the new Tudor Invisibases. This Coleco game does not vibrate that well at all – as you can hear … Continue reading

YouTube Ad Blitz Promo “Borrows” From The Unforgettable Buzz

Electric Football was seemingly rediscovered by numerous ad agencies in 2013. From RGIII and Subway, to McDonalds, to Chick-fil-A, to ESPN, and finally Google, with their YouTube Ad Blitz video promo. Without a doubt the YouTube Ad is clever. The … Continue reading

1971 Cleveland Browns Quarterback Club Electric Football Commercial

Electric Football has another television commercial from the past to ad to its lineup. This was forwarded to us by sportswriter and fellow Electric Football aficionado Greg Eno. It’s from Gib Shanley’s Quarterback Club, which was a Cleveland Browns’ review show … Continue reading

The Unforgettable Buzz Electric Football Christmas Video

Electric Football, for most people, evokes memories of Christmas. That what makes our reaction to the game so visceral. Because for so many of us Electric Football was the best Christmas present ever. And we’ll never forget that thrill…just like … Continue reading

The Unforgettable Buzz – Electric Football Book Trailer III

A minute of Electric Football history from The Unforgettable Buzz.

Monday Night Football – Eagles vs. Redskins (Kelly vs. RGIII)

It’s been quite the “electric” weekend already for the NFL. Starting Thursday night with Peyton Manning throwing a record tying 7 touchdown passes (Broncos 49 – Ravens 27), there have been upsets (Titans 16 – Steelers 9; Saints 23 – … Continue reading

On The Way To Richmond With The “Buzz”

http://youtu.be/IPZlTnYyKUc Some more Friday morning video fun…The Buzz is heading to Richmond, on Friday, August 2.