1971 Munro Vibra-Action Electric Football Game – Canadian Version

Electric football…in continuing with our Canadian theme of earlier this week, here is a 1971 Munro Vibra-Action Football Game. It has a metal field, and the Canadian configuration with dual 50-yard lines. This game was “store stock” – that is … Continue reading

Living Electric Football History Part II — the Coleco and Munro Sites

Electric Football history in the “here and now” was our blog topic last week, and we continue today with the Electric Football makers that were headquartered outside of New York City. And what’s unique about toy makers Coleco and Munro … Continue reading

1970 — Coleco Becomes Electric Football Maker No. 3

It was 45 years ago this spring that Electric Football’s third manufacturer stepped onto the vibrating gridiron. That company was Coleco Industries of Hartford, Connecticut. Coleco’s path to Electric Football began in late 1968, when they purchased Canadian toy maker … Continue reading

Electric Football Top 20 Recap – Games No. 5 thru No. 1

Our Electric Football Top 20 Recap reaches the Final Five games. They are all wonderful examples of Electric Football at its very best. “Must haves” for any Electric Football aficionado!! Links to each Top 20 post are located below the … Continue reading

Electric Football Game Top 20 Countdown – No. 4

The Electric Football Game Top 20 Countdown continues with one of the “grandest” games ever commercially produced at No. 4 — the 1972 Munro Day/Nite Electric Football game. The Day/Nite game story really begins in the 1960’s, when Tudor and … Continue reading

45th Anniversary For The Gotham Super Dome Game

An Electric Football game that didn’t make our Top 20 is celebrating its 45th birthday this year— that would be Gotham’s ambitious Super Dome. The Super Dome debuted in 1969, a time when Gotham was choking on the dust of … Continue reading

Electric Football Game Top 20 Countdown – No. 11

The ranking of this game at No. 11 caused some controversy the first time around. We agree, that this is one of coolest and best looking games that Tudor ever made. It’s at the top of any Electric Football “Must-Have” … Continue reading

The Unforgettable Buzz on Television!!

Electric Football got a great reception from John Voperian of “Beyond The Game” the other night at White Plains Community Media. I had a great time talking with John – he’s a gracious host who asked great questions. He made … Continue reading

Electric Football Collecting Overview — Part II

We finished our last collecting post talking about the Tudor NFL 620 model… Tudor used the 36” x 21” 620 template from 1967-1977, including on many NFL models that were numbered something other than “620.” Not all of these large … Continue reading

Happy Holidays From The Unforgettable Buzz

It is with tremendous thanks that we send out this Holiday greeting. We have been truly humbled by the response to The Unforgettable Buzz this past year. In almost every way our expectations have been surpassed – we’ve had many … Continue reading

Electric Football And Munro Games

Electric football has many great stories, and one of the stories we’re most proud of in The Unforgettable Buzz is that of Canadian toy maker Munro Games. In a fortuitous turn we were able to make the acquaintance of Don … Continue reading

Electric Football 1972 – Gotham’s Dick Butkus G-890 Model

Electric football had become quite crowded by 1972. Not only were long-time players Tudor and Gotham still in the game, they had recently been joined by “rookies” Coleco and Munro. Both of these new companies charged onto the field like … Continue reading

Coleco’s 1973 CFL Canadian Awards Electric Football Game – In honor of the 100th Grey Cup

Electric football once had a relationship with a professional football league that was not the NFL. That league still exists, and in fact, played its championship game this past Sunday night. Not only was this game the pinnacle of the … Continue reading

1961: Gotham’s G-880 Gotham Professional Electric Football – Canadian Version

Tudor and Gotham both began selling electric football games in Canada in the mid-1950’s. There was a little bit of profit to be made there, but demand for electric football in Canada wasn’t really that strong. Neither Tudor nor Gotham … Continue reading

Electric Football in Canada Part II – Eagle Toys 1962-63

When Canadian toy maker Munro Games stepped off the electric football field in 1961, it was Montreal-based Eagle Toys who laced up its cleats to fill the void. Munro and Eagle were fierce rivals, essentially being the Canadian version of … Continue reading

Electric Football in Canada – Munro Games 1960-61

By the mid-1950’s electric football games were showing up in Canada. Tudor’s games became “Canadian Approved” in 1955, and Tudor’s rival Gotham Pressed Steel had gotten its games into the 1956 Simpson-Sears Christmas catalog (the Canadian equivalent of the Sears … Continue reading