2017 Electric Football World Championships and Convention

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The biggest Electric Football event of the year is the probably biggest Tudor Electric Football event ever. We’re talking about the one and only 2017 World Football Championships and Convention in Dallas, TX on July 28-30. Being held at the Westin Dallas Fort Worth Airport Hotela Trip Advisor “Certificate of Excellence” winner — it promises to be an event of historic proportions. One not to be missed and one that will be long remembered.

Four different competitions will be held to cover the entire competitive spectrum of Electric Football. First, there’s the Youth Electric Football Olympics for kids 12 and under. Youth events are always the most fun and uplifting because they welcome the next generation of Electric Football player and fan to the game. There’s nothing better than passing on the “gift” of Electric Football.


EF Coach Ray Fanara overseeing the Youth Electric Football Division at Tudor Con 2014. Nothing better than passing on the game.

Then there’s Tudor’s all-new Electric Football OPEN, an event that is open to players of all skill levels with an innovative base swapping format to level the playing field between the novice and expert coach. Each of the 64 coaches in the tournament will tweak a full set of bases, give half of that set away, then receive a replacement half set of bases from a fellow coach (a random drawing will be held to “reassign” the bases). So the novice or intermediate level player could end up with bases from an Electric Football champ — talk about an exciting opportunity!

Aimed at the intermediate player is the Electric Football League Invitational, and finally there is the true expert, elite, and Crown Jewel event of the weekend, the MFCA Tournament Of Champions. The winner of this competition will be Electric Football’s 2017 World Champion.

Of course, an Electric Football Convention is alway about the people. Renewing old friendships and creating new ones…there really is nothing quite like it. You just never know who you’ll meet or who you’ll run into. Always someone who will add to your Electric Football experience.

And in addition to all the great play and great people, the Tudor Games Store will be at the event and open to fill all your NFL Electric Football needs. Games, teams, bases, accessories — the best Electric Football shopping experience on the planet!

Tudor Store LS

The Tudor Store at Tudor Con 2014.

All the info you need is on the Tudor Games web site. Be sure to make your reservations early!!

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