Tudor’s 1970 Sears Super Bowl No. 633 – A Miniature Pro Football Time Capsule

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The 1970 Sears No. 633 Super Bowl IV with the Chiefs and Vikings.

Electric football probably never produced a more realistic game than the Sears’ 1970 Super Bowl No. 633 model. The field is nearly an exact replica of the Super Bowl field that was laid out in Tulane Stadium on this date in 1970. The only thing missing from Tudor’s replica field are the NFL and AFL logos that were in each team’s respective end zone.

Kicker Jan Stenerud puts the Chiefs ahead — for good.

Super Bowl IV in New Orleans was the final matchup between the NFL and AFL. It featured the Vikings and their seemingly devastating defense going up against the Chiefs, who actually finished second in the AFL Western Division behind the Oakland Raiders. (Two of the Chiefs three regular season losses came at the hands of the Raiders – by a combined total of 7 points.) The Chiefs won the third meeting between the two teams — the 1969 AFL Championship game — by a score of 17-7.

The Vikings were picked as 13-point Super Bowl favorites, but it was quickly apparent that the Chiefs were the faster and more prepared team. It could be argued that the 23-7 score makes the game seem closer than it really was (and this is coming from a pair of Vikings fans).

But the game Tudor produced for the following Christmas is stunning, no matter where your fan loyalties lie. The colors are bold, the details perfect, and condition of the field is much better than real one the teams actually played on. And it’s the only game Tudor ever made with team names in the end zones. It’s a one of a kind — and definitely one to have.


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  1. A neat bit of trivia I read from members of the Vikings……….in an article written after they retired, Fran Tarkenton and others stated they believed their poor showing in all their SB losses was contributed to the fact that Bud Grant kept a 9-5 workday no matter what………..thanks again for the memories, fellas !

  2. On a personal trivia note, as many know the stadium scene that came with the SB game was Atlanta Stadium…………my dad actually poured the concrete structure for the stadium.

  3. At least the scoreboard shows the NFL and AFL logos toward the proper end zones. Lee Payne didn’t overlook the details. Thanks for posting on this date, I remember the game and by halftime I was out the door to play ice hockey. Ray F

    • Ray, thanks for pointing that out. And Tudor did include the league logos in the end zones of the 1969 Super Bowl model. Maybe because of the pending merger? One those answers that eluded us. Memories do get hazy after a while.